Friday Food – Homemade Cupcakes

I am quite proud to say that with the lovely help of Melissa and her man-candy James, I made the most delicious homemade, from scratch cupcakes. Okay, maybe not more delicious than my favourite cupcake shop in town, but still very delicious!

The idea to make cupcakes actually stemmed from Melissa wanting cupcakes from said store, but they’re closed today. We were going to hang out anyway, mostly so I could meet the mystery man, so I suggested we make cupcakes of our own. I first suggested just buying a box of mix, but my mind was changed and I found a super easy recipe online here.

And so we baked! Mel and I tackled the batter while we left James in charge of the icing. Go go teamwork! The cupcakes actually turned out really well.

Now for a photo essay of our shenanigans:

Mel, mixing together the wet ingredients with the dry!

Getting it all ready to go in the oven, and being a dork as usual.

Doing my best pin-up pose while pulling the cupcakes out of the oven.

Oh lookit that! They’re not even burnt!

Mel, showing James how to actually ice a cupcake.

So there you have it! We didn’t burn the cupcakes and they actually tasted really good! So happy Friday Food and merry Weekend everyone! I’ll be taking in the UFC fights tomorrow night!

What are YOUR plans for the weekend? And which do you prefer – vanilla or chocolate cupcakes?

7 thoughts on “Friday Food – Homemade Cupcakes

  1. I love chocolate everything but with cake/cupcakes and ice cream – I definitely prefer vanilla! My weekend plans include FINALLY finishing Baby’s room!!! I’m so excited :D


  2. I baked some cupcakes last night actually! They were supposed to be Snickers flavored, but didn’t quite work out. Despite that, Stephen still loved them!
    As for chocolate vs. vanilla, it really just depends on what kind of mood I am in!
    My plans for the weekend…I’m thinking of cooking and freezing some meals tomorrow, and I hope to bake some banana bread and chocolate chip cookies! Apparently, I’m channeling my inner Domestic Diva this weekend!


    • My Domestic Diva seems to like making appearances at the most random times, like the middle of the night. Banana bread sounds really good right now though … I think I even have a couple of ‘naners in the freezer!


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