Kids These Days

The other day I was stalking my way through Facebook, minding my own business, when I noticed that someone’s kid had a Facebook account. And I’m not talking about someone my age, since we’re all someone’s kid and all. I’m talking about a 6-year-old.

Now, what the hell does someone that young need a Facebook account for? I know … it’s the games, right??? I suppose that’s allowed, but should these kids had “open” profiles? I clicked on this little girl’s profile link and I could see all of her pictures, who her friends were, etc. This, I thought, was not cool.

Any creep and pervert could click on this little girl’s profile, start a conversation with her, and abduct her. (An extreme thought, I know, but I’m serious!) All it takes to prevent something like this to happen is to “close” her account to people she’s not “friends” with and have people not be able to sere her info, including her picture. And sure, the parents may say “Oh, we supervise our kids 24/7 when they’re on the computer”, but are they really?

Maybe it’s just because I never had computer games and such when I was little. I was happy with my NES and playing boardgames by myself. And what are we setting our children up for the future if all we show them when they’re young is computer games and Internet? It’s no wonder why kids these days are becoming more and more anti-social.

Why are parents doing this??

6 thoughts on “Kids These Days

  1. That is a little extreme, I think it comes down to parents not understanding facebooks privacy settings and not monitoring them properly. However, if someone young has a facebook account and it’s properly protected, I think that’s OK. I mean, EVERYONE is doing it and kids as young as 3 are on the computer these days!

    My little cousin who’s 10 doesn’t even seem to be interested in having a facebook account, or maybe my aunt won’t let her, I’m not sure…



  2. Do you think that maybe her parents created and maintain the account? I’ve heard of several parents doing that for their kids, even for their babies. I honestly don’t understand it, and think it’s unnecessary, but to each their own I suppose.
    And if it is the 6 year old who made the facebook account, then she’s much too young. Let a kid be a kid!


    • I have a suspicion that the parents created it for their kids. There’s one girl who created an account for her newborn. Not too sure about that one!

      I think parents may create accounts for their kids for the games, like FarmVille and such. That’s the only reason I can think of.


  3. I don’t get it either! I know a girl that has created one for her two year old. I’m surprised she hasn’t made one for her unborn child yet, at least that I can tell. I also don’t get the people like my cousin, that created a twitter for her dog. Why does a dog need a fb or twitter?!?


    • There is a cat, Sockington, or something like that, who has a HUGE Twitter following. I’m pretty sure it was a first, as far as animals on Twitter goes, and I guess everyone (and their dog, bwahaha!) thinks that their pet can become as popular.



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