Friday Food – Indian Adventure!

A couple weeks ago I had mentioned that I have never had Indian food before. Melissa was shocked apparently, and took the opportunity to take me out for dinner as thanks for not killing her cats while she was away.

We went to Flavours of India (after I polled my coworkers and Kamloops bloggers!) and the experience began!

Since Mel doesn’t eat meat and I can’t live without it, I asked around as to what dish I should try. Meghan suggested I have Tikka Masala while Angela suggested the Butter Chicken. What did I go with in the end? Chicken Tikka Masala!

Mel also ordered me mango lassi, which was tasty as hell, and garlic Naan bread.

Tastiest mango drink ever! Which actually looks similar to my roasted garlic soup

Soon our meals came and maaaan, was it a delicious spread! Mel ordered Chickpea Malasa (I think) and my Chicken Tikka Masala looked soooo good!

Rice, malasa and more rice, Oh My!

Let me just say that I’ve never been so excited to try new foods! The smell was amazing. Final verdict? I looooove Indian food and can’t wait to try more! I just wish Kyle liked it so we could go together. (He’s not a fan of spicy food at all!)

So thanks Melissa for a lovely date! And I promise next time I’ll put out, ahahaha! ;)

Happy weekend everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Food – Indian Adventure!

    • I had the leftovers for lunch today and it was EVEN BETTER! All the yummyness from the masala mixed in with my rice and it was so good! I want more!


  1. yea. My first time for Indian food was a couple weeks ago. The only problem, they kept bringing more and more food! We were soo stuffed but it all was sooooo awesome! I had the butter chicken because of Angela, very good. My fiance had the lamb curry also very delicious


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