Pet Whisperer

Last week, I had the pleasure of cat-sitting my favourite step-cats for Melissa. She went away to her home island for the week, so I made sure my favourite friendly kitties were fed and taken care of!

Day one included me discovering the door to her basement suite was open. Not cool! Luckily the cats were both inside and in one piece. Whew! After that I made a lovely sign for the door to make sure the door stayed closed. (Her landlord has the place up for sale and realtors have been in and out). The sign, in my opinion is awesome:

Nothing says you mean business like electrical tape, right? Right! Anyway, so the door was always shut and the cats never escaped, leaving me with not having to come up with excuses that the cats were long gone. (“Yeah, they were taken hostage by the ambassadors of the zombie apocalypse … Sorry?”)

Anyway, the cats loved me, more or less. Atticus loved me the first day I arrived and my last day of cat-sitting, which didn’t surprise me but it’s a step up from the last time I cat-sit. Thomas, on the other hand, loves me (or probably most people) and was at my feet every second, rubbing against my legs and making my dogs jealous!

Sir Thomas, the loving, regal one

Atticus, the “I’ll love you when I feel like it” one

I also fed my mom’s animals on Saturday since my step-bro had to work late and the dogs and cat are programmed to eat at the same time every day! (Our parents went to Palm Springs for a week – Lucky!)

They were excited to see me (as always!) but I wasn’t sure if it was actually for me or just because they were hungry. Not that it matters; I love my Tanner, so it was good to see him <3 It’s cute how they all lined up in a row to eat:

Tanner, Squirt and Mickey

Anyway, since I didn’t let any of the animals escape, go hungry or have them accidentally lock themselves in a room to pee on everything (Yeah, it happened once), I say I’m a darn-good pet sitter! I much prefer it to babysitting, that’s for sure!

So, which do you prefer, pets or kids?

8 thoughts on “Pet Whisperer

  1. Pets. Hands down. But I’ll let you know for sure on or around May 11th, when I actually have a kid of my own :D I’ve heard it’s different when they’re your own …


  2. Like the last photo. to me it says ‘backs to it, tuck in!’
    I myself love cats and dogs and my pet is a Welsh Collie Sheepdog called Spotty. As the name implies she is from a Welsh farm up in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.


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