That’s Not My Name

I recently read a Tweet by a Muchmusic personality who referred to Vancouver as Vancity. Newsflash, people who are not from BC: Vancity is a freaking bank. A BANK! So stop calling it “Vancity”. I know many locals who HATE hearing their home called Vancity. I think from now on I’m going to ask people if they’re going to the bank. Ha.

Anyway, my point is, sometimes nicknames bother me. For example, some people refer to Kamloops as “The Loops”. I don’t get it. There are no “loops” here. The name of the city is the English version of the local native phrase “meeting of the waters.” Is it really do hard to just call it by it’s full name? And what’s with people calling their parents their ‘Rents? Calling them that isn’t going to make them sound any cooler, or make you cooler. Sorry.

Perhaps I’m just being weird. I’ve never had a nickname that people call me by regularly, except for maybe my last name, or my first and last name said together really fast. (Apparently they roll off the tongue nice). And then there’s this guy who calls me “Girl”, “Sweety” or “Dear” whenever he sees me. It makes me want to vomit in my mouth. The only person who’s allowed to call me “Dear” is Kyle, and for obvious reasons.

I hate it when people randomly give me a nickname even though I don’t know them from Adam. Or when they call me something that the mean kids called me when I was little. (You’ll know when you do when I threaten to stab you.)

So, sorry for the rant, but really … what’s with nicknames? Do you have one that you can’t stand and just wish people would just drop already?

11 thoughts on “That’s Not My Name

  1. Every once in awhile, someone will call me Missy. I’ve always thought that’s weird, because it’s a family nickname. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can use it. But when a co-worker or friend says it, I’m like “Wtf, don’t call me that.” It just feels out of place.


    • Yes, it’s like the creep who constantly calls me “Dear”, even though that nickname (If you even want to call “Dear” a nickname … pet name maybe?) is reserved for one certain person.

      It’s like assuming guys named Richard like to be called Dick.


    • Usually I’ll call people by how I’m introduced to them. I also have a fear of calling people by the wrong name, which is kind of weird. I stare at my coworker’s name tags as I say their names so I don’t mess it up.


      • I mix up two of my co-workers names ALL THE TIME. I’ve been working with these people for 6 months and I know their names, I swear! I have actually said the wrong name to one of the girls more than once. She’s polite, and acts like it didn’t happen.


  2. I’ve had a TON of nicknames … most of which don’t really make much sense … but the only one that’s ever really annoyed me was given to me by the youth I used to work with: “Holla holla holla!” I didn’t even mind that at first but after 4 years of it? Yeah.


    • I was called “Fred” from about Grade 8 to 10 because I joked to a guy on the first or second day of class that that’s what my name was. Even the principal called me that! I was glad when he stopped. It was strange.


  3. My family calls me Angie Pangie.
    Friends call me Angela Flangela.
    My nanny kids call me any one of the following: Ang, Angie, Angle-a, Angus (HATE this. Their Dad gave them heck for it), or Ang-a-latte.
    The boyfriend calls me Babe, Baby, or Sweetie.

    I generally don`t mind nicknames!


    • I don’t mind them as long as they make sense. I have quite a few nicknames that I don’t mind going by. My roommate calls me Kara Lee (which he claims is my “Red Neck” name) my friends call me by my last name or “the Kitty” (which has a long story behind it) and my family calls me whatever they want.



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