Friday Food: Soup WIN!

A couple weeks ago, I posted about my horrific failure at soup making. After gathering my food-esteem up off the ground, I figured I’d give it another shot!

This time, it worked out beautifully! I didn’t use the whine wine vinegar (or any wine, even) and instead of using our little Magic Bullet to blend up the soup, I used our BRAND NEW BLENDER!!!

Will it blend, that is the question!

Kyle and I have been saving up Save On More points since we fist moved to Kamloops almost six years ago and we finally decided to use them on a household item! How grown-up of us, right? I thought so!

So since the blender came it just in time for my day off, I figured I’d put it to use and retry the soup. It turned out good! It was missing something but I couldn’t figure out what. Anyway, it was great and I even garnished it with a little Parmesan cheese. Yum! (Cheese makes everything amazing, BTW).

Roasted Garlic Soup!

Oh, and did I mention the blender lights up when it’s on?  Oh yeah!

Who wouldn't want a blender that turns blue?

I now leave you with my favourite “Will it Blend” video. Happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Food: Soup WIN!

  1. I like that it lights up!!! We’ve been saving our Save On points for almost 2 years – for what, we don’t know … maybe I’ll suggest a glow in the dark blender :P


  2. The lighting looks cool, but it doesn’t make your blender faster than it actually is. All it does is create the impression that your blender is so hardcore, it street races illegally with other blenders at night.



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