Ten (+1!) on Tuesday

Here’s another edition of Ten on Tuesday, brought to you by Roots and Rings!

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

It’s gotta be Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. Brownie bits and cookie dough? Yes please!

2. What is your earliest memory?

It would probably be falling head-first into a lake when I was about three. I was feeding ducks on a dock and my grandpa told me, “Don’t stand too close to the edge or you’ll fall in!” So what did I do? Fall! I came back up with a handful of weeds. Awful.

3. What is your earliest memory of a dessert?

Odd question! It was probably my awesome birthday cake that looked like a caterpillar. You’d be so jealous of it.

4. Do you have any recurring dreams?

I always seem to dream that my teeth are falling out. Apparently that means I have vanity issues. Woo-hoo!

5. Have you ever dreamed about dessert?

I hardly ever have food dreams, which is surprising since I LOVE food and crave different foods all the time. You have no idea. Kyle thinks I’m pregnant all the time because I’ll crave cupcakes one minute and hot sauce the next.

6. What is one thing (aside from a cell phone or computer) that you cannot go the entire day without?

Saying “I love you” to Kyle. :) Mushy, but true!

7. What is one dessert you could go your entire life without ever having again?

Pudding. It’s a dessert, right?

8. If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go? (Assume someone else is footing the bill, but within reason…so “the moon” won’t work)

Bora Bora, hands down. Warm, sunny, exotic … what else could I ask for?

9. If you could have any dessert tomorrow, what would you have (assume someone else is buying it for you. Within reason though, no “gold sprinkled ice cream cones.”)

Cupcakes from the place down the street from my office. I’d be happy with one of each flavour :)

10.  What was your first impression of your significant other? If you’re single, what was your first impression of your best friend?

I honestly don’t remember because we were about 6-years-old when we first met! I probably thought his glasses were huge and that his hair was weird. (It was the early 90’s after all!)

11. What is your first impression of dessert pizza? (Personally, I think it’s weird. I love dessert but I don’t want any on my pizza.)

I’ve never had one! I always thought that the Dairy Queen Blizzard Pizzas (or whatever they were) were weird looking. I mean, now do you eat it? On another note – Kyle LOVES pie but HATES meat pie.

Man, all these dessert questions have got me all hungry! :P

6 thoughts on “Ten (+1!) on Tuesday

    • You sadden me by not going there yet! DO IT! lol

      And YES! Thank you for reminding me of the name of DQ’s pizza thing! I couldn’t remember it for the life of me and was too lazy to Google it.


  1. Half Baked was my favorite ice cream flavor until I tried the Cheesecake Brownie flavor. To die for.
    I totally put in my post that Treatza Pizza came from Pizza Hut, but it was DQ! Oops…


    • I haven’t seen that one yet, although I do try to avoid the ice cream aisle at the grocery store. It looks SOO good though! I’ll have to take a wander tomorrow :D



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