Slow down, there’s more life to live

I was in the changing room at the gym, getting frustrated as usual because the floor was soaking wet because the little girls in there were running around soaking wet after getting out of the pool. (I have a thing with wet socks, okay?) I nearly slipped and broke my neck because of my non-slip friendly footwear when I heard these little girls singing Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”. Err, wha?

It made me wonder, do these girls even know what sexy means? They couldn’t have been any older than 9 and here they’re singing a song that came out when they were 5. When I was their age I was still watching Sailor Moon and music hadn’t even struck my interest yet. (That would be grade 5, when I fell in love with the Backstreet Boys)

I have seen kids younger than 9 with coloured streaks in their hair. I’ve seen 11-year-olds with mascara on. I’d probably pass out if I saw a 12-year old with a septum piercing. Christ, I’ve heard kids who look that age talk about sex. Whaa? I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know what a (pardon my rudeness but -) blow job was until well into Grade 7. Okay, I was the same age as those kids, but I wasn’t freaking trading techniques during recess.

My question is – are kids these days growing up too fast? Every movie appealing to a younger audience revolves around sex, drugs and well, rock and roll. (Okay, maybe not rock and roll, but you know) My 16 year old cousin (well, kinda cousin) claims she loves a guy after they were dating for a week. Young girls are wearing make-up and revealing clothing … it’s sad really. Whatever happened to being young and innocent? Is society putting too much pressure on kids to grow up and act like adults?

I may sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but when I was 12, I didn’t have a cell phone, Facebook, or even high speed Internet. I never felt pressured to be more grown up. Sometimes I just want to ask these kids, “What the hell? Can’t you see that there’s more to life than appearances and being popular?”

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s not.

11 thoughts on “Slow down, there’s more life to live

  1. I totally agree. It really is sad. Parents really need to pay attention and sensor some of the things kids see and read. Some of the girls that come into my store talking about Twilight are just way too young to be reading that stuff. I’m worried about what it will be like when I start having kids. Sometimes I think moving to a small town is not a bad idea.


    • Ha! I grew up in a SMALL community and I think we were even worse out there. Most of us were drinking by the age of 13.

      I really don’t think it makes a difference where you live or grow up, it’s just a part of society/technology changing and as we get older kids are going to start doing things earlier. Not saying it’s right, just the way it is!


  2. Nah. This is the same crap every generation says when they get old. “Kids these days! With their music and fashion and different values!!!!”

    You’re just getting old. :-P


    • Perhaps, but do you think that they’re younger when they start having these values? Do you really think that 10 year olds should be wearing eight layers of makeup and talking about their sex lives?


      • When I was 10 I was already chatting with my friends about shaving my legs and wearing makeup even if I wasn’t DOING it. And at that age I bet people who were my age now were saying “Omg, I can’t believe that 10-year old is even TALKING about wearing makeup”. I agree with Sean, it’s part of getting old! Haha


  3. I agree with you! When I first moved to the city and started working with youth, I thought it was just “city culture” vs “hick town culture” but now I’m thinking there’s more to it than that. I wasn’t remotely interested in boys until I was almost 18 (with the exception of the BSB, of course!), I didn’t play video games or waste time on FB, and I definitely didn’t wear makeup and dress like a skank at the age of 12. (I still don’t, actually, lol) Kids these days …


  4. On one hand, I agree but on the other hand I really don’t think it’s JUST kids. I’m 21 and have a smart phone. When people who are now 31 were 21 half of them didn’t even HAVE a cell phone AT ALL. Not too mention a smart phone.

    It’s just the society we live in. As technology evolves and changes so are the rate at which we “grow up”.



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