The List

The year is coming to an end and while I’m awful at keeping to resolutions, I did learn many things.
There was a popular Note theme on Facebook this year where people listed 25 things that their friends may not know about them, such as weird quirks or family history.
Instead of doing that on here, I’m going to attempt to list 25 things I’ve learned in the past year:
1) While it was stressful at first, moving in with Kyle was the decision I’ve made. We feel more grown up and it’s helped make our relationship stronger.
2) Cooking a roast isn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Next challenge: A turkey! Maybe next Thanksgiving …
3) Being done school is the most amazing feeling in the world …
4) … but the stress of trying to find a related job isn’t so amazing.
5) Shopping for houses is also stressful, especially when you first need a down payment and housing prices are high. I’ve learned to broaden my desired areas to live in because a lot of areas are out of our budget.
6) It’s been really hard for me to get my butt to the gym and get a good workout in. I’d really like to go three times a week but my body disagrees. Twice a week seems to be my usual thing.
7) Budgeting and giving my self an allowance has worked wonders, so I really need to get back on track. I take $40 out of my paycheck and make it last two weeks. It’s hard, but I tend to have back spending habits. Kyle hides my debit card and I only use my credit card for emergencies. Some people don’t think it’s right that he hides it, but I know it’s for the best and I’m okay with it, which is all that should matter.
8) Twitter isn’t as evil as I thought it was.
9) Living in a house without air conditioning is horrible and having a pool in the backyard doesn’t help.
10) Watching people search for parking spots at Costco during the Christmas shopping season is hilarious.
11) Not being engaged after seven years is okay because we have bigger priorities we want to fulfill first. (See #5)
12) I found that I don’t enjoy going to weddings or reading about people planning them because it makes me jealous that I don’t have one to plan of my own. (But again, see #11)
13) Running is an amazing way to make my anxiety attacks go away. They’re refreshing and when I take my dog she benefits too!
14) I love my friends and hanging out but I really appreciate my “alone” time.
15) Mac computers aren’t so bad after all (except when they’re running on an old OS).
16) You can’t throw up in public gracefully.
17) Copy editing is harder than it seems, especially when it’s your own work.
18) The North Shore businesses have a whole different attitude than Downtown businesses.
19) There is no comfortable way to pee in the woods.
20) It’s really hard keeping track of everything I have to do at work plus several things other people have to do all at the same time.
21) Deleting people I never talked to in high school off my Facebook is okay.
22) Mice are very tricky creatures and shouldn’t be underestimated.
23) Two large dogs poop more than you could imagine.
24) Performing world-class cannonballs into the pool is a sure-fire way to lose your bathing suit top.
25) I am perfectly happy with where my live is headed and I wouldn’t change a single thing about the past year.

One thought on “The List

  1. Great list! I think I'm going to steal this idea :)Twitter ISN'T evil but budgeting IS! Good for you for surviving on $40 a week. I was trying to get by on $100 earlier and it did NOT go well for me!



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