Quiet Time

It’s interesting when you’re home by yourself and you realize how much quieter things are.

Kyle’s away for the evening, visiting his dad and grandma in our hometown and while my roommate is home, things are awfully quiet without Kyle here.

Usually the television is on some random channel or a video game is being played, but when Kyle’s not here, you could probably hear a pin drop. He gets anxious almost when it’s too silent in the house and there’s always some sort of background noise, so when I’m by myself I like to just listen to the whirl of my laptop and hear my dogs snore.

Of course, when I’m by myself I always get paranoid that someone is going to attack me in the middle of the night, but thanks to my “alert” dogs (they wouldn’t hurt anyone, only bark to let me know if someone’s here) and my secret ninja skills, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t happen.

Anyway, it’s calming, sitting here in the piece and quiet of things. I wonder if I’m weird for just shutting everything down and letting the thoughts in my head process for once. I would imagine not; I mean, who could live with constant noise? I suppose some people could.


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