The wait continues …

As some people may now I’ve managed to dislocate my shoulder six times in the past. This morning, I added +1 to that total.

When I was 15 I decided to try out skateboarding with my little brother. He told me to stay away from the quarter pipe because I wasn’t good enough. Of course, I didn’t listen and I went down it, bailed and dislocated my shoulder.

That was eight years ago and now my shoulder likes to dislocate at the slightest bumps. For instance, once I had my arm on the back of the couch, sneezed, and it dislocated. Another time I was swimming underwater and it dislocated.

This morning, I went to roll over in bed and it dislocated.

I’ve been on the surgery wait list for a year now but because it’s not knee or hip surgery, it’s a long wait. It’s tiresome and I just want my shoulder to stop dislocating. It hurts when I do it, it aches afterwards and it’s a pain in the ass.

Damn you Interior Health pushing knee and hip surgeries. Why should I have to wait while others get pushed through?


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