Weekend Update

What a weekend this was!

Let me start with a quick backstory: Kyle and I have been somewhat-seriously shopping around for a new car to replace my 2004 Ford Focus. While I love that car, she’s starting to show her age and I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a while now. Last weekend (on the 21st), we came across the perfect little 2009 VW City Golf in Vancouver, so we emailed to inquire about it. On Monday we got a call from the dealership that it was unfortunately sold, pending financing, and (of course) they’d keep in touch if anything else came available that we may be interested in. (Typical salesmen, no?) So Kyle and I continued the hunt, bummed that the perfect car slipped through our fingers yet again.

Then on Wednesday I get a call from the dealership again, saying that the financing fell through for the original purchasers and since Kyle and I were the next in line for it, it was ours! Of course, Kyle was at work and it’s hard to get ahold of him, but since we had previously talked about what we should offer and what our top dollar would be, I made the offer. The salesman said he’d talk to his boss, while I told him I’d get ahold of Kyle, and the salesman said he’d call me back. A few phone calls later, we had agreed on a price, sorted out financing, and on Thursday evening, Kyle was buying a one-way plane ticket to go get our new car Friday morning!

Let me just add how amazing my husband is: being in a big city is NOT is thing at all, so for him to fly down to Vancouver and drive back with a new vehicle is a big deal. I cannot say how proud I am of him and how much I appreciate what he did. 

By 4:30 Friday afternoon, there was a new (to us) Volkswagen Golf in our driveway! Her name is Vera and she is SO MUCH FUN to drive around! She’s a wonderful upgrade from the Focus and the perfect addition to our family ;)

September 26

Other than the new car excitement, life in the Evans’ household is trucking along relatively smoothly.


Isla is fully entrenched in potty training, and while it’s a tough process at times, she’s getting there slowly but surely. We’ve had more successful trips to the potty than accidents and I’m glad for that. I know it will be a while until she’s completely out of diapers, but I’m proud of both her and myself for the progress we’ve made. Potty training was one of my biggest fears in parenting, so I’m happy with how it’s going.

The rest of the weekend was relatively quiet. My ball team had it’s last regular season games yesterday and this weekend coming up is the wind-up tournament. Fingers crossed we stick with our stellar record (11-1!) and do great during the tournament!

Isla also has her next level of swimming lessons starting on Sunday! I’m hoping that by enrolling her so quickly after swimming all summer that she’ll still enjoy the water and remember that it’s fun!

I’m also slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m already thinking about what I’m going to do for this year’s Christmas photos. Since last year’s were such a great hit I’m determined to live up to their awesomeness, but I’m drawing a pretty big blank in the creativity department. Not much on Pinterest is appealing to me, so we’ll just see how it goes I guess.

On a shameless note: if you haven’t heard of Influenster and like getting free stuff to try out, you should definitely check it out! You can click on the link below or in the sidebar (disclaimer, it leads to my profile and I get points when people click on it), and it’s so easy and effortless!

That’s really the sum of what I’ve been up to lately! I’m in disbelieve that October is right around the corner and that the fall weather is in full force around here. Not that I’m complaining; I love the cooler weather and can’t wait to start baking delicious treats for the holidays.

How was your weekend??