Moments of Motherhood: Lifestyle Adjustments

20150806_165736After yet another, semi-unintentional, hiatus, I’ve back again with my Moments of Motherhood column! This time, there’s a change to where the “Continue reading” link takes you. The Armchair Mayor News website has now merged with a new news website, NewsKamloops, and when Mel asked if I’d like to keep writing my column for the new space, I couldn’t say no.

In this column, I write about how having kids forces you to make adjustments to your life, and how those changes can sometimes be a little chaotic. Here’s a snippet:

As I sit here and write this I’m enjoying an uninterrupted bowl of cereal, a giant cup of coffee, and a wonderful silence throughout the house. The baby woke up at 6:30 to nurse and is back asleep in her crib, and my toddler is having a rare morning where she sleeps in.

These days, moments to myself like this are few and far between. Most mornings are chaotic from the minute my 3-year-old stumbles out of her room, which is usually before I even have a chance to wake up myself. And as Murphy’s Law will have it, not long after she’s awake, the baby is too and my attention is divided several different ways.

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