Listy Friday

– A couple weeks ago, I found a pin on Pinterest that was the easiest Brownie in a Mug recipe ever. We had all of the ingredients listed, and when Kyle saw the pin (because he likes to see what ridiculous things I find) he offered to make it for me. It took and entire 5 minutes to whip up, and you know what? IT WAS DELICIOUS! It was a little wet still, but that probably could’ve been fixed by zapping it in the microwave a little longer. We’re already plotting ways to make it even more tasty, like adding some chocolate chips n’ stuff. Anyway, here’s a photo of the creation:

– This weekend, I am dog-sitting for my dad and cat-sitting for my mom. Actually, I’m cat-sitting for my mom for a whole week. I suppose this is what happens when you don’t work and your family knows you just sit around the house and do nothing but stare at a baby. At least I don’t have to have either animal in my house, because A) I don’t think I could handle having three dogs AND a crabby cat in my house, and B) I’m allergic to cats.

– I’ve picked up a wee bit of freelance work to do, which I’m looking forward to doing. Let’s just hope Isla gives me at least an hour of time a day to get it all done. I’m thinking I’m going to have to take shorthand notes instead of recording my interviews and typing them out.

– I actually miss work a little bit, even though that tune will most likely change when my maternity leave is over. My boss is retiring in a couple weeks too, so that will make going back even weirder, but at least the person who’s taking over his position already works at the office, so it won’t be such a big change.

– Last week it was stupid hot outside (As in 35°C/95°F) and this week? Not so much! It’s been lovely outside, hovering in the mid-20’s and REALLY cooling off at night! Alas, summer is coming to an end. Not that I mind, really. I love the fall!

– I was looking at the BC Vital Statistics website (because I’m a huge nerd) and apparently there were 83 baby girls born last year who were named Isla. There goes our different but not too common name theory! At least we didn’t go with Emma; there were 200-and-something Emma’s born last year!

That’s all for today. Happy Friday everyone :)

What I’m Pinning

Here’s what’s been catching my eye on Pinterest lately …

In my life, this person is my husband:

I REALLY want this yellow scarf! It would make winter so much cheerier!

When we found out we were having a girl, I immediately fell in love with the creamy yellow/lavender colour scheme. You better believe it’s happening!

This series of photos seriously made me laugh. I’ll admit that I’m probably guilty of at least one or two of the poses. (But I won’t say which ones ;))

I really don’t like raisin cookies, but Kyle absolutely loves them. It’s a cookie war in my kitchen, to say the least …

I really, really, want button art like this for the baby room!

That’s enough for today!

What have YOU been Pinning lately?

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Ah, Pinterest – so full of pretty little things that I probably never will try! Very rarely do I actually do any of the crafts or DIY projects I find (except for this one) or try out any of the recipes – Until last week!!

A few weeks ago I came across this pin:

Which actually from blogger Leana at A Small Snippet. So – if you visit her blog post here, you’ll find the whole recipe.

It’s actually quite delicious!

Changes I made to better suit my tastes:

  • I omitted the peanuts because nuts in meal-type foods are not appealing to me
  • I also omitted the sesame seeds and sesame oil (I just used extra veggie oil) because I didn’t want to buy sesame oil
  • I added a little less than 1 tbsp of red pepper flakes because I’m a spicy food wimp AND it was still too much heat. (However, I accidentally let the flakes heat for waaay longer than two minutes, which probably didn’t help)
  • I threw in some sauteed shrimp for a little extra oomph and protein
  • I used 5 tbsp of maple syrup instead on 6 tbsp of honey because I was told to avoid eating honey when you’re pregnant
  • I served it (to myself) hot because it was dinner and it was freezing outside when I made it
Here’s my final product:

It was SOOO good and I have lots of leftovers too!

Other food stuffs I have my eye on to make one day:

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercreme icing and chocolate ganache from Bakerella.

Salsa fresca (my favourite “style” of salsa) from

Pink lemonade pie. IT’S PINK! And it’s from

What are YOU Pinning this week?