Oh, How Pinteresting!

Ah, Pinterest – so full of pretty little things that I probably never will try! Very rarely do I actually do any of the crafts or DIY projects I find (except for this one) or try out any of the recipes – Until last week!!

A few weeks ago I came across this pin:

Which actually from blogger Leana at A Small Snippet. So – if you visit her blog post here, you’ll find the whole recipe.

It’s actually quite delicious!

Changes I made to better suit my tastes:

  • I omitted the peanuts because nuts in meal-type foods are not appealing to me
  • I also omitted the sesame seeds and sesame oil (I just used extra veggie oil) because I didn’t want to buy sesame oil
  • I added a little less than 1 tbsp of red pepper flakes because I’m a spicy food wimp AND it was still too much heat. (However, I accidentally let the flakes heat for waaay longer than two minutes, which probably didn’t help)
  • I threw in some sauteed shrimp for a little extra oomph and protein
  • I used 5 tbsp of maple syrup instead on 6 tbsp of honey because I was told to avoid eating honey when you’re pregnant
  • I served it (to myself) hot because it was dinner and it was freezing outside when I made it
Here’s my final product:

It was SOOO good and I have lots of leftovers too!

Other food stuffs I have my eye on to make one day:

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercreme icing and chocolate ganache from Bakerella.

Salsa fresca (my favourite “style” of salsa) from SmittenKitchen.com.

Pink lemonade pie. IT’S PINK! And it’s from PreparedPantry.com.

What are YOU Pinning this week?

2 thoughts on “Oh, How Pinteresting!

  1. OOH, this looks so yummy! I’m always inspired by Pinterest, but I never really follow thru with anything. LOL

    I am going to try out this recipe, tho. Thanks for sharing.



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