Project 365: December 7-13

December 7: Isla earned her Sea Turtle badge! ♦ December 8: More fun, kitchen adventures with Chef Isla! ♦ December 9: The best mornings are spent with our favourite little friends. ♦ December 10: My little Sea Turtle thinks the tub is for swimming … ♦ December 11: Merry Christmas to Kyle and I!! So pumped for our shiny, new appliances! ♦ December 12: Not impressed with her reindeer antlers. ♦ December 13: Had the best time celebrating this little dude’s first birthday!! Thanks, Ryland, for being so awesome!! 

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Christmas Photos, 2014

Now that our Christmas cards have been mailed out and most people have received them, I thought I’d finally share the photos I took!

I generally take the photos not long after Halloween, just to ensure that I have enough time to edit, design and order the cards. This year’s card features this cool old tricycle that my mom has. Originally my grandma had found it at a new/used store when I was a kid. I have tons of memories racing it up and down the pathway at her old house, so I thought it would be fun to use it for our photos this week. I wasn’t sure how Isla would like sitting on it, but clearly there were no issues ;)

Since there was no snow of the ground I tried to make the photos more “Christmassy” by hanging some tree ornaments up. I think it worked out OK! I also made that little chalkboard sign with an old photo frame my mom donated my way and some spray chalkboard paint.

While it was a little cold outside and we tried to hurry through the photo taking, I think they turned out pretty good this year! (M&M’s also helped – bribing, FTW!)

DSC_0022- Main

Project 365: November 30 – December 6

November 30: Winter/Christmas essentials. ♦ December 1: Searching for the first window to open! ♦ December 2: Relaxing, watching cartoons, being awesome. ♦ December 3: She was happy to wear her old headband, until I asked to take her picture. ♦ December 4: Campbell the Jingle Dog! ♦ December 5: I was skeptical of her lack of a nap. She doesn’t seem overly concerned. ♦ December 6: Tuckered out from a fun sleepover at Gamma’s, she crashed hard and slept partway through Christmas tree hunting.