Listy Friday

– I hope everyone had a wonderful and not too spooky Halloween yesterday! Isla had a fun first Halloween experience yesterday, that’s for sure! The mall here does indoor trick or treating with the majority of the stores for the kids who want to stay warm and dry, so with a donation to the local food bank Isla scored some nice candy! She was a little skeptical of everyone walking around and was a little shy going up to some of the store attendant for her candy, but overall she had a good time. By the last few stores, she was getting a little cranky. But, here’s some photos!


– Somehow I managed to accumulate 4 pumpkins to carve up. Kyle was nice enough to gut them out for me (he wanted the seeds for roasting) so all I had to do was carve them. I got marginally more creative than I usually do, but they’re nothing spectacular. My favourite is probably my Jack Skeleton-esque pumpkin, followed by my polka-dot drill bit Pinterest-inspired pumpkin. (Which made a huge mess, by the way.)


– Kyle and I leave for Vegas SOOOO soon but it hasn’t really hit me yet. I’m sure once I drop Isla off at my Mom’s it will hit me and I’ll have a mild anxiety attack. But, I am excited to be going! We have a lot of stuff on our “To Do” list, including visiting the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, shooting some fully automatic rifles, and the Cheesecake Factory. Of course, I’m pretty certain you could be there for a week and not do everything, so here’s to hoping we get some things crossed off our list.

– Now that Halloween is all out of the way, I’m getting geared up to take Christmas photos of Isla for our Christmas cards. It’s a little sad (in a pathetic way) that I’m already doing it, but after last year’s screw-up when ordering them, I’m not risking it this year. So, this afternoon I’m hoping to get the photos done, and next week I’m hoping to get them ordered!

– I started reading “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed this week and I’m only about 2 chapters in but loving it! Amber had posted on Facebook that Reese Witherspoon was staring in the movie version, so I knew I had to get reading it soon!  It’s been on my Wishlist for a while now, so I figured it was the perfect time to download it to my Kobo.

– Isla has discovered television. She enjoys just sitting on the couch or standing at the coffee table and watching cartoons. She usually loses interest after a 1/2 hour or less, but I will admit to plunking her in front of it for 5 minutes of peace so I can get something done. She also has developed some kind of post-afternoon nap grumps where she just wants to cuddle on the couch with Kyle or I, which is challenging since that’s when I’m usually trying to get dinner finished. I don’t know if it’s because she’s hungry for her dinner, but wow – that kid sure knows how to throw a spaz.

– I believe I can officially say that Isla is off the bottle. I must admit, it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Our new bedtime routine is brush teeth, bath (when it’s bath night), PJ’s, sip of water, book, bed. She hasn’t protested at all and still sleeps right through the night until 8ish. No complaining from this mom!

– I’ve been going to yoga for just over a month now and I must admit, I’m really loving it! It helps that our instructor is super supportive and gives us great feedback and reassurance too. I love how that for one hour, I can just refocus all of my thoughts off of everything else going on in my life and just stretch and relax. I’m definitely going to look into taking more classes in the future.

– I’m getting a manicure tomorrow at my favourite spa ever and hoping that it doesn’t chip before we go to Vegas. Fingers crossed! (Pun intended)

That’s it for this Friday! Have a great weekend! xo


Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to lately:

– I’m currently reading World War Z. Apparently the movie is a lot different from the book, and I can see why. It’s a good read, and really puts the whole “zombie apocalypse” thing into perspective.

– We went to visit some friends last Wednesday for a birthday. The boys shot guns, the women made jam and picked produce. Hunters & Gatherers what? We ate well, had some laughs, and a had great visit. Daphne stayed with my Dad and Campbell came with us. Isla had fun as well and didn’t have a single meltdown, even with later mealtimes and so much going on.

Bottom two photos borrowed from a friend. And the bear? It resides in the guest bathroom. Startling for middle-of-the-night tinkles.

– We have a bad wasp problem in a tree that’s in front of our house. We have no idea where the nest is, but there are literally HUNDREDS of wasps just hanging out in and around the tree. Our lawn is super long because we don’t want to make the wasps angry with the mower. Kyle sprayed the tree the other night, but there’s still TONS. Uggggh.

– Our friends set a date for their wedding next year! I won’t say when exactly, but it’s in the fall. I’m super stoked for them, because now the planning can really begin!

– I also want to give a shout out to Faith who has finally delivered Baby Frijole into the world! Congratulations to her and her husband, and welcome to parenthood!

– I went and signed up for a yoga class that starts in September. It’s a beginner class, which is wonderful since I’ve never taken a class before, and it’s through the city’s Parks & Recreation guide and not at an actual yoga centre (are they called centres?) Either way, I’m hoping the instructor is kind and understanding and that the other women in the class aren’t pros set out to make newbs look and feel bad about themselves. We’ll see. Also – I have no idea what to wear because all my actual yoga gear is sadly (but obviously) lululemon, and I don’t want to be one of those people. White girl problems, I swear.

That’s all I got. Isla is up from her nap so I better fetch her before she beheads me.

Please tell me something fun and interesting that’s going on in your life.


Birthdays, Canada Day, and fun in general

Whew! With Kyle being off on holidays we’ve been on “GO” mode for the past week. I finally have a moment to myself to give you all a bit of an update.

First of all – and most importantly – Isla’s birthday was a huge success! We had about 20 guests over to help us celebrate her first big milestone of her life. It was a little crazy, but our little girl was spoiled rotten! She loved all of her presents, and really enjoyed eating her cake! Kyle baked her a smash cake and I iced it, and instead of diving right into it she delicately picked off the icing flowers one-by-one and ate them. It was cute, but I ended up helping her smash her cake. I still can’t believe she’s a whole year old! I also found an idea on Pinterest for a time capsule for her. Basically, the guests write down what they predict Isla will be when she grows up, then the box is sealed and not opened until she graduates from high school. (Class of 2030 – WHAT?) I didn’t read a single one, so it will be interesting to see what everyone wrote! Here’s some photos from the day:

After a “recovery” day for Isla, we celebrated Canada Day on Monday! Kyle and I took Isla down to the park where there was all kinds of things going on – local artists selling their goods, food, entertainment, and info booths. There were a LOT of people, and it was crazy hot (I think it hit around 40°C/104°F?) but we had a pretty good time! We took Isla through the splash park and she absolutely loved it! Kyle took her through some kind of misting tower and she giggled the entire time. It just melted my heart seeing them bond like that.

I wouldn’t call Tuesday a “recovery” day since Isla had her 1-year immunizations that day. She got 4 shots, two in each arm, and it didn’t go over so well. There were tears (just hers) and lots of hugs given that afternoon. She got over it eventually, and now you’d never know that she had her shots except for a couple of little specks on her biceps.

On Wednesday Kyle’s best friend from high school was in the province from Calgary, visiting his family at their lake property just 45 minutes out of town. We loaded up in the morning after Isla had breakfast and headed to the lake for the day for a great visit with old friends. It was Isla’s first ride on a boat AND her first time swimming in a lake, and she loved them both! There were a few moments of hangry-ness (she gets ANGRY when she’s hungry, lemmie tell yah), and crankiness due to no real naps, but overall, it was an awesome day. She fell asleep on our way back across the lake, and slept the entire drive home. Every time Kyle and I head to the lake, it reminds us of how badly we want a recreation property of our own. One day we’ll get it done!

I’m sad that Kyle’s holidays are coming to an end because it’s been so nice to be able to hang out and spend time together as a family. We’re plotting another trip to the lake next month, as long as a weekend visit to a friend’s place for his birthday later on this month. Hopefully in the fall he can get some more time off and we can plan a trip to Vegas. We’ll see!

I’m going to wish my neighbours to the south a very Happy Independence Day! Let them fireworks fly tonight!

How was your long weekend? (Or what are your plans if you’re in the US of A?)