May Recap!

Hello, friends!

While I’m never 100% sure what day it is, May seemed to go by in a flash! It’s always such an eventful month, so I’ll recap it briefly here!

The kids

Isla is still working hard on her schoolwork from home. I’m so thankful that she’s a bright girls and has a fairly good grasp at understanding her work; they finished the grade 2 math curriculum in May and started learning a little bit of grade 3 stuff – multiplication! She’s slowly figuring it out, so she’ll be good to go when she starts grade 3 in the fall!

Norah had her kindergarten immunizations at the beginning of the month and she was NOT KEEN on them at all, but she was treated to her choice of donut so all was well with the world after that.

We had the option to send them back to school on a part-time basis starting today (June 1) but I’m opting to keep her at home for the remainder of the year. It just didn’t seem worth it, as much as she misses her teacher and friends. Hopefully everything will settle over the summer and school life can resume normally in the fall!

Isla was supposed to have her final dance shows this past weekend but it sadly had to be cancelled. We were able to pick up her costume, so instead of performing, I did her full hair and makeup and we took photos in the park. Her academy also held a “reverse car parade” where we could drive by the studio and wave/see all the teachers, so she dressed up again and we drove by.

A little glimmer of brightness has come through and the teachers are planning an outdoor, adjusted/socially distanced choreography show so the students can perform for their close family.


We also bought them a trampoline! It was SUCH a smart investment, especially for Norah since she has endless energy. We had to wait a couple of weeks for it to come back into stock, but we got it at the beginning of the month and had it set up in a couple of days for them to enjoy!



We/Kyle have been busy doing a bunch of work to the yard! Kyle built a new fence for the back portion of our yard and we got our garden in a couple weeks ago! We planted peas, two types of potatoes, bush beans, corn, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce and radishes.

Photo May 17, 4 07 35 PM
One of the two plots!

We lost a few tomato plants and our zucchini because of an over-night cold snap, but thankfully we were able to find replacement plants.

I also celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month, as well as Mother’s Day! Kyle bought me an awesome Yeti Rambler and an amazing new crossbody bag for my birthday, and then he and Isla picked out some beautiful hanging baskets and flowers for my planter for Mother’s Day. To celebrate my birthday we had a little social-distance visit in our backyard with family.

Photo May 14, 5 00 27 PM


I finished three books this past month and just started reading The Testaments and am trying to get into it but like The Handmaids Tale, it’s a little tough to follow at first. It’s starting to pick up now, so we’ll see what happens!

I have Emily Giffin’s newest book on preorder and it should be ready to pick up at the bookstore sometime this week – Hurray for summer reading!

Since organized, outdoor races have been cancelled for the remainder of the year, I suppose all this running I’ve been doing has been mostly for fun, haha. I’ve been signing up for a few challenges/virtual races on Strava to keep myself motivated, and it’s been pretty productive. Kyle thinks I’m nuts, but that’s okay! Really, it’s been keeping me sane during all of this craziness, and he understands that.

Looking ahead …

June is already looking to be a busy one. I’ll be returning to the office on a part-time basis starting on the 15th, the girls will both be celebrating their birthdays, and Kyle and I will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary later this week! At some point Isla will also be performing with her dance studio too. I’m pretty certain June will fly by just as fast as May did!

What was the best book you read in May? Tell me something exciting that happened in your life this past month, or what’s happening this month that you’re looking forward to?

Weekend Update

Happy Monday, everyone! This past weekend was a productive and busy one in our household!

When Kyle came home from work Wednesday evening he surprised me by telling me he had taken the next day off! He’s been working so hard at work lately, so it was well-deserved for him and Isla and I loved having him home for an extra day!

We spent most of the day outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. (Well, Isla and Kyle did. I sat in the shade because pregnancy + heat = misery.) Kyle started demolishing our shed as we have contractors coming at the end of this week to build a new retaining wall and fence for us.

My mom came and picked Isla up for her usual Thursday visit, so Kyle and I headed out to The Keg for an early anniversary dinner! We’ll be celebrating 4 years of marriage on Thursday this week, but since he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get that day off, we thought we’d celebrate early. Yay!

After dinner we had some time to kill before picking up Isla, so I made a stop in Carter’s/Osh-Kosh to pick up some pj’s for Isla and another outfit for Baby N – she’s gotta have a couple outfits that are new to her, right? ;)

Isla fell asleep on the way home, so Kyle and I watched a movie we had recorded on the PVR before heading to bed ourselves.

Kyle’s uncle came over first thing in the morning and he and Kyle started ripping down our old fence and the remainder of the shed! It really didn’t take them long at all and it’s going to look and be SO amazing when the work is all said and done. Kyle’s mom, step-dad and grandparents eventually arrived to help disassemble the makeshift allan block wall and took the blocks to his mom’s place.

I had a hair appointment Friday morning – my last one before I have this baby, so I had a little extra taken off! I was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment too, but his office called and said he wasn’t coming in; he had been up the past two nights in a row delivering six(!) babies, so he needed sleep! He said June was going to be busy for him, but maybe those six May deliveries freed up the month for him a little ;)

Isla had her first of two dance recitals in the afternoon, but we spent the morning out in the yard puttering.

When it was finally time to get ready for Isla’s recital, I’m fairly certain that I was more nervous that Isla was. She ended up doing SO great on stage though! The 2-year olds were so adorable and they definitely got the best response out of the audience as far as reactions go. (A lot of “Awwww”‘s could be heard!)


After coming home and getting Isla out of her dance gear, we headed down to his mom’s for barbecued hamburgers with his family.

Isla had her 2nd recital that afternoon, but the morning was relatively slow-going before we headed out to do our grocery shopping for the week. Then after lunch, it was time for the recital! My mom came with me to this show, (Kyle’s mom, aunt & uncle, and my dad & his girlfriend went to Saturday’s show), and afterwards we headed out for frozen yogurt to celebrate Isla’s performance.

She has her last “class” (which is actually photo day) on Tuesday, and that’s if for the summer! Classes don’t resume until September, so she has all summer to practice everything she’s learned, haha.

So yeah, our weekend was full of both productivity and fun! This week is already shaping up to be a busy one as well; I have something going on every day this week and the contractors are arriving Friday to start working on our wall. Basically, I have no time to think about the fact that I could give birth any day now ;)

How was your weekend???