January Recap

January kind of flew right by, didn’t it? Normally it seems to be a month that drags on forever, but thanks to some great weather it wasn’t overly bad! Here’s what we got up to this past month:

  • I tried my best to take a half-decent photo of the Super Blood Wolf Moon, or whatever it was called. (Are the names for these events real or do they just pull things from the Twilight books?) I think I could’ve got a better photo if I had a bigger zoom lens, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out in the end.
  • We got in some sledding with some friends before the snow nearly melted all away! The hill was pretty icy, but the girls all had a blast regardless. It’s almost bizarre how mild it’s been this winter – not that I’m complaining because I know that back in eastern Canada it’s a bit of a different story.
  • I started the lululemon 40|80 Challenge on Strava. In a nutshell, it’s an outdoor running challenge that encourages you to complete either 40 or 80 kms in two weeks. Once the challenge is over, there was a special reward from lululemon for everyone who completed the challenges! I managed to finish the challenge with 43 kms, which was no easy feat; I had to push Norah in the stroller quite a bit, and battled a bit of ice and snow along the way, but I did it! Kyle was a huge help too by taking me out for a 10km run, my longest distance yet! Anyway, I was happy to complete the challenge and definitely took advantage of my reward!
  • Norah started swimming lessons and while she didn’t pass (her back glide needs more work) she is definitely a little fish and loves being in the water. Confidence is definitely something she exudes! She’s also still in ninja school and loving it; she looks forward to going to “school” and seeing her coach and friends every week!
  • I also filled out and submitted Norah’s preschool registration forms! She’ll go twice a week for a half-day just like Isla did, and it’s really something that I think she’ll enjoy and benefit from. (Also, I don’t even want to talk about how she’ll be 4 this year because she’s still my baby …)
  • Isla is still loving everything – dancing, reading, life! Her ballet class is now starting to work on their end of the year recital routine, she’s crushing it at school, and is overall just making Kyle and I very proud!
  • Kyle and I have started a new routine in the evening of turning off the TV and putting down our phones about an hour before bed and playing Scrabble. It’s really actually helped us unwind and relax a bit, plus it’s fun to have a little friendly competition! We’ve played almost every night and it’s been a great substitution to staring at the television. We’ll happily take any suggestions for other boardgames that are simple/quick for two people to play!
  • I had grand plans of doing an Instagram Story a Day for 2019, but I’m thinking I’m going to let this one go. As someone who didn’t post a lot of stories to begin with, it became more of a chore than anything else. It’s funny, because I did the Photo a Day challenge back in 2014 with relative ease, but there’s something about Stories that’s harder!

I think that’s about it when it came to January! This month is going to be a busy one as well with school (I have four courses to go!), the girls’ happenings, and of course, A PUPPY! We’re having the hardest time choosing a name too. There’s a few contenders, but nothing is really sticking. We have right until the end of the month to decide, so we’ll see!

What are some highlights from January for you?

4 thoughts on “January Recap

  1. I feel the exact same way about January flying by!

    The playing Scrabble before bed routine sounds SO FUN! I could never in a million years get my husband to play that much Scrabble, so I will just have to live vicariously through you.


  2. Aww, I love that Scrabble idea! We’ll have to implement that in our house! My husband and I have been playing Heads-Up (a 2-person iPhone game). It’s a fun one!


  3. I LOVE that you guys are playing scrabble nightly, that is beyond awesome. We have been playing yahtzee about once a week, and it’s also a super fun two person game.


  4. I’m in shock that Norah is going to be 4 – wasn’t she just born?!

    Backgammon is a really fun two-person game. I also like Rummy, if you’re into cards.

    January was a weird month for me – it went slow but also fast, and not too much happened. I think the highlight was spontaneously booking flights to Ireland with my mom!



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