Weekend Update (Spring Break Edition)

It’s back to reality today as Spring Break is over and real life resumes … at least for the next four days as the Easter long weekend starts on Friday.

We had a wonderful week off and while we didn’t tackle everything on the Spring Break list, we still had a great balance of lazy days and fun activities! Here’s what we ended up getting up to during our break:

The girls and I headed out to visit some friends at their farm out of town for the day! It had been far too long since we had seen them last, so everyone was super excited to get together. Isla and Norah had a blast being “farm kids” for the day, feeding cows, petting quail, and collecting chicken eggs. They were both thoroughly exhausted when we got home, so I call that a good visit!



Isla has not one, but two birthday parties to attend this week, so we went out to choose some birthday presents for the guests of honour! After that we went to the Dollar Store and the girls picked out a couple of “treats” for themselves; Isla got a couple of crafty items to keep her busy for a couple of hours, and both her and Norah got Shopkins toys. It was just enough to keep them busy while I worked on finishing up some homework that was due, so I call it a win!


We had a bunch of errands to run downtown and then we met up with my mom and her coworker for lunch. The rest of a day was fairly lazy: We watched copious amounts of Netflix and cartoons and rested as we were also all battled colds.

I decided to make it a lazy morning and we popped popcorn, cozied up on the couch, and watched the movie Ferdinand. It was a really cute movie and I think the girls watched it three more times before our rental expired! After Norah’s nap in the afternoon we went out and ran a few quick errands in a friggin’ monsoon, and then we resumed living the lazy life at home.


This was probably the busiest day of the week! I had an exam to write first thing in the morning and a job interview in the afternoon, so the girls both hung out at Kyle’s mom’s for the day!

My exam went fairly well and I felt pretty good leaving it. I had a little bit of time between that and my interview, so I enjoyed a little bit of quiet time at home by myself before getting ready for my job interview…

Full disclosure: I applied on a bit of a whim for this job and didn’t really expect to get a call, but low-and-behold, I did! I’m not sure how things will pan out, but I’ll put it down for experience since it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve ever interviewed for a position. (The last interview I had was for an internal position at the paper, so that was a solid 6ish years ago.)

Anyway, after the interview I picked the girls up and we ordered Chinese food for dinner. Kyle also brought me home a Blizzard as I was fully willing and wanting to eat my feelings that night.

Saturday was Kyle’s only day off, so Isla got to hang out with him for a bit and go for a “noisy truck ride” while he ran some errands in the morning. Norah and I hung out at home and she was being especially miserable. I ended up putting her down for a nap just after 11 and she slept for a loooooong time! Clearly she needed it. Kyle’s aunt and uncle came over for a visit in the afternoon, and we also had friends staying the night as they were in town for a wedding. Also, another one of Kyle’s friends came over to play some SNES Classic, so we ended up having a pretty good visit!

Sunday I had to go pick up a patio set Kyle found on Kijiji, so I picked up his uncle as he was the “hired muscle” and dropped the girls off at my mom’s. It turned out to be a great set for an awesome price, and we’re happy to finally have some furniture on our deck! (Now if only the weather would stay warm …)


After we got everything unloaded I went back down to my mom’s for some lunch, then the girls and I came home. Norah fell asleep on the way home, so Isla and I hung out in my bed and watched Netflix until it was time to get dinner in the oven.

That’s about it! Now it’s back to the grind and a busy few weeks as Isla heads back to school and dance, and starts swimming lessons for the next 5 weeks. No rest for the wicked, that’s for sure!

How is/was your Spring Break? Do you get one or two weeks off?


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