Looking Forward in February

Right now it’s snowing and grey and just rather icky outside. February, why you gotta be like that? Still, despite the dreary weather there are a few things I’m looking forward to this month:

  • Family Day! While BC recognizes Family Day on a different Monday than every other dang province in the country, we get a bonus day off as a family on the 12th.
  • Barre! I signed up for a special “Barre & Brew” event happening on the 17th, which will consist of a one-hour barre class followed by a pint at a local pub. I’m looking forward to an afternoon of fitness and fun!
  • Chinese New Year! It’s the Year of the Dog starting on the 16th, and my dad is going to be coming to town the next day so we can celebrate with dim sum. Right now neither Isla nor Norah understand the fact that they’re 1/4 Chinese, but one day I hope they can learn and appreciate what their heritage is.
  • Not one, but TWO Pro-D days for Isla! Her school is a host school for the BC Winter Games, so the kids have two days off school near the end of the month. While she loves school, I think she’ll enjoy having a couple days off as well. (And I know I’ll enjoy not having to get the kids up and moving those mornings.)
  • Kyle’s birthday! Kyle will be celebrating his fourth 29th birthday at the end of the month, and I’ve made it a bit of a tradition to invite his best friends over for a guy’s night while the kids and I vacate the premises for the evening. Isla, Norah, and I will be having a slumber party at my mom’s while the guys sit around and drink rum and rye all night long. (I’m not even exaggerating; last year I think they stayed up until about 4:30 in the morning.)

While it may not seem like there’s a lot going on, it’s a short month so I know it will fly by fast. Hopefully this weather smartens up and we can strut into March with sunshine.

What are you up to this month?


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