TGIF v.49

A high of the week was getting to go to – and participate in – Isla’s dance class on Wednesday. It’s “Bring a Friend Week” and while I kept asking Isla who she’d like to bring, she forgot to ask someone before it was too late. Cue the tears :( So, I offered to be her “friend” and she was so excited to show me how to dance! She even picked my dance outfit for me. (“You can wear a sweater and then if you get too warm you can take it off and hang in on the barre!”) Anyway, it was fun to be be 5 and I’ll tell you – it was a lot harder than I was expecting! They did burpees. BURPEES. Safe to say Isla is tougher than I am. Isla thought I was pretty hilarious and I’m glad I turned her “Bring a Friend” day around for her.


A low of the week was Norah slipping and splitting her frenulum (aka that lip-tie bit) with a straw. While she barely made a fuss about it, I took her to the dentist to make sure everything looked okay. She should heal up just fine and there’s nothing to be concerned about, so yay!

Also, our Christmas tree fell over due to GHOSTS (I swear!), but thankfully there were no decorations on it yet and nothing got broken. It’s now shoved against our railing so it won’t fall over again, and we’re seriously considering a fake tree next year.

An internet find I loved was pretty much all of the Carpool Karaoke segments with James Cordon.

The best money I spent was no money at all – I had a voucher for a free 2kg bag of dog food, but alas, my dogs don’t eat the brand the voucher is for. I got the bag anyway and I’m going to take the girls to the BC SPCA to donate it to the pups there.

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was taking them to see Santa on Monday after school! Norah was drawn instantly to him and cozied right up for a photo, but Isla was very reluctant and shy. She ended up not sitting with him at all for the photo, and when I asked her why she didn’t want to visit him she told me that she wanted Norah to have a turn to have her photo taken all by herself since she’s always been in the photo with her. It’s quite the excuse, but it’s an adorable one!

A song that has been stuck in my head is “Sorry not Sorry” by Devi Levato. Girl is fierce!

My notable meals of the week were dim sum on Tuesday! Norah and I went out for dim sum with Kyle’s uncle and we stuffed our faces with so much food. I haven’t had dim sum in who knows how long, so it was a nice treat!

My plans for the weekend are celebrating Christmas early with Kyle’s dad, and watching Die Hard. (a.k.a. The Only Christmas Movie that Matters!)

What’s your favourite Christmas movie??


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