(Long) Weekend Update

Happy Back-to-School day! Isla doesn’t actually start school until Thursday, so we’re continuing life as normal for the next couple of days until that happens. (Read: SAVOURING EVERY MOMENT OF MY BABY STILL BEING AT HOME.)

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Labour Day long weekend! While it was a little smoky here, we still managed to make the most of our time.

Kyle had some errands to run first thing in the morning, so Isla tagged along with him and I hung out with Norah at home. We didn’t get up to too much for the rest of the day! My mom came and picked up Isla when she was done work and had her over for supper, so Norah got a little spoiled while her sister was gone:


After dinner a carpenter friend came up to have a peek at our deck; he’s helping us rebuild it and we can’t wait to have it done! Sure, it will be chillly and we won’t be able to fully enjoy it until next summer, but still – it’s a project that’s been on the back burner for quite some time. It’s exciting to finally have it underway!

It was Kyle’s grandma’s birthday the day before, so we stopped by in the morning to say hello and wish her a happy birthday!

I suggested to Kyle the night before that we should go out to Horsting’s Farm for lunch. (Fun fact: Kyle and I both worked there eons ago!) I’ve been craving a big sandwich and a bowl of soup all summer, but with the forest fires it’s been nearly impossible to accomplish. Saturday was gorgeous, so we called up Kyle’s dad to see if he wanted to meet us there and drove out just before noon. My soup and sandwich hankering was satisfied, and we headed to his dad’s place for a visit. We headed home just before supper and the girls were both exhausted by the time bedtime rolled around.

Kyle organized a pool day/barbecue at his mom’s place and once again proved that’s he’s pretty dang awesome ;) He planned the menu, did the prep and all the cooking … basically I’m a lucky woman! Everything went off without a hitch and turned out great. The girls had fun swimming (Isla especially) and Norah was well, Norah:


I woke up feeling horrible; I’m pretty certain I had a migraine because everything I did sucked and no amount of pain killers was helping. I managed to get the grocery shopping done but as Kyle and the girls with attest, I was a miserable bear for most of the day. The pain finally subsided after lunchtime, so I was at least able to enjoy the rest of the day. Isla went back down to Kyle’s mom’s for a swim and dinner, so Kyle, Norah and I hung out in the yard for a bit before making dinner and winding down for the night.


Overall, we had a pretty awesome weekend and it was a great way to wrap-up the summer. Like I said, Isla doesn’t start school until Thursday, but it’s pretty chilly today making everything seem that much more bittersweet. <3

How was your long weekend?

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