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  • Why would some people call their kids by their middle names from the get-go? Why not just make it their first name if that’s what they plan on doing? Sure, some families have a longstanding tradition of naming their kids after family members and they’ll use middles names so there’s less confusion, but then why bother with the tradition at all? Surely John Randall Wilson VII could be Randall John Wilson without stepping on his ancestor’s toes… No?
  • At what point do you start calling someone a Blog Friend? When you “friend” them on Facebook? (As in not just Liking their page but friending them as a person.) When you meet in real life? Personally, it’s when I become Facebook friends with them and until then, I just refer to the person as, “so-and-so whose blog I follow.” And of course, once we meet in person we’re IRL friends ;)
  • I often wonder what the previous owners of my house were like. Last week I glanced out my front window because I heard the neighbour’s dogs barking (from inside their house, which is a whole different bullet point), and I saw religious solicitors walking down the sidewalk. They turned to come to my door, but then changed their minds and continued on to my other neighbour. Then I got to thinking, and I realize that they have NEVER knocked on our door before, so I’m wondering if the previous owners told them to stop coming and that our house is on some kind of religious blacklist. I don’t care either way – I like to *think* that I’m pretty courteous to solicitors and not rude, but it still makes me wonder. (And it is rather interesting to read the materials they provide, regardless of their differing beliefs.)
  • I feel as though I’ve said this before, but I really wish that people who are distributors for MLM companies would create a group or page for their business and keep their personal Facebook accounts clear of advertisements. There have been a few times where I’ve friended someone because I genuinely want to be their Facebook friend, only to be bombarded by their constant posts promoting their products.


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