TGIF v.40

A high of the week was the amazing sunny weather we had at the beginning of the week! On Tuesday I swear it was nearly 20°C outside, which is CRAZY for November. I managed to put our Christmas lights up on the house without my fingers becoming frostbitten. Win!

A low of the week was everything else. Can I say everything? So much sadness happened over the past week, I can’t even wrap my head around it all. I’m not even talking about the US election results either; there has been some tragedies close to home and as I parent my heart just aches.

An internet find I loved was this video of a construction worker impersonating a T-Rex and velociraptor:

The best money I spent was on Isla’s new outfit for the holidays. There was a decent sale going on at The Children’s Place and along with a gift card I had I got her a cute dress and Norah a shirt and tights for just under $9.

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was this moment with Norah, with Norah just being well, Norah:


The song that has been stuck in my head is “Gold” by Kiiara. I don’t know what half of the lyrics are, but it’s bloody catchy regardless!

My meals of the week were lame, but at least the family didn’t starve ;)

Sunday: Pork tenderloin
Monday: Meatballs
Tuesday: Tomato & spinach pasta, with shrimp adding in for protein.
Wednesday: Fried chicken
Thursday: Beef dip & yam fries

My plans for the weekend are no plans! Just rest and trying to kick this bloody cold to the curb :(


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