A new chapter has begun!

Ah, September. The month of pure and utter chaos!

While we had a pretty quiet first week of the month, this week we’re ramping things up as Isla starts both preschool and dance class! My brain is already exhausted and I’m already asking if it’s June yet.

Jokes aside, Isla had a great first day of preschool! She jumped right into her classroom and there were no tears from neither her nor I ;)


Tomorrow she starts dance class and she has school again on Thursday, followed by a dentist appointment Friday morning… so basically I’m expecting her to be a grumpy nightmare by Friday evening. Grumpiness aside, I’m sure once we get into the swing of her routine it will get better.

I think Norah was both sad and happy to see her big sister go off to school. Sad that she doesn’t get to go with her, but happy to have the house to herself for a couple of hours and not have Isla constantly taking toys away from her, haha.

This weekend we should be able to get our basement renovations finished up, and I cannot wait to reveal what we’ve been up to down there!

Annnnnd of course last weekend marked the opening of hunting season, so I’ll be a weekend hunting widow ;)

That’s about all that’s new around here!

What’s fun and exciting in your lives??


2 thoughts on “A new chapter has begun!

  1. How is school going? Ellie loved preschool last week but cried when I dropped her off this morning. :( She loves it when Topher’s at school, ha ha … She gets to control the TV remote AND all of the toys!


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