Monday Morning Coffee


Happy(?) Monday, everyone! I know things have been a bit quiet over here lately, so I thought I’d catch you up coffee date style.

If we were having coffee this morning, I’d be telling you that…

… Kyle’s back to work today after two weeks of holidays from work! While the weather totally didn’t play in our favour at all, we still had a busy and enjoyable two weeks together!

… I had a wonderful Canada Day down at the park! My mom took Isla and Norah to the park after the rain stopped and we had a great time walking around and checking out all the vendors. My mom bought some earrings, I bought a mini painting, and Isla had her face painted! After the park we treated Isla to an ice cream cone, and I’m pretty sure she wore more than she ate ;)


… we got to go out for our annual visit with one of Kyle’s best childhood friends on the Little Shuswap. Okay, so it rained a lot while we were there, but it was great to see him and his family!

… the wind-up tournament for our slo-pitch league was this past weekend and it was such a great time! I have no idea what place we came in (we were eliminated in the 2nd round of sudden death playoffs), but it was an amazing way to end our season! We really came together as a team, regardless of how much bickering we do in the dugout. We’re a typical dysfunctional family, haha.

… Isla starts dance camp today and she’s so excited! She’s going for a half-day, so I’m looking forward to some free mornings with Norah. Hopefully the weather cooperates because I’d love to head down to the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday.

… I got Norah’s cake smash photos back and they are just A-MAZING. See for yourself:


Mad props to Tiffany Christianson Photography for capturing Norah perfectly, and for figuring out that Norah just needs a cup of milk to make we world a better place. ;)

… Kyle and I FINALLY found a house – and we have an accepted offer on it! We have to sell ours first, but I have a feeling we won’t have an issue. Since it was listed last Wednesday, we’ve already have 13 viewings booked. Whew! I don’t think our house has been any cleaner. Fingers crossed we get an offer soon, because I’m so sick of cleaning and tidying already.

What would you be telling me if we sat down for coffee this morning??


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coffee

  1. Yay congratulations on finding a house! Sounds like houses are moving fast down there so I’m sure you guys will sell yours no problem! Norah’s cake smash photos are so cute!


  2. Congrats on finding a house! We’ve found a few that we like but still no luck with selling our condo. We dropped the price, we’ll see if we get a bite now! Those cake smash photos are adorable! I love the one in the middle :)



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