Weekend Update

I feel like it’s been forever since I posted last. Here’s what we got up to this weekend!

We had an appointment at the bank first thing in the morning and then went to look at a couple of houses after that. (One was great, the other not so much.) In the afternoon we hung out in the yard; Kyle did some landscaping work while Isla played around, and I managed to sneak away do wrap the girls’ birthday presents.

I also made the girls’ birthday t-shirts! They’ll have matching shirts to wear during their party this weekend <3


We had another early morning as we went and looked at another house. (A winner, in fact, but we didn’t have our offer accepted and I don’t even want to talk about it right now because I’m so cheesed about it.)

After we looked at the house, Kyle went and helped his grandpa do some work at their rental property and the girls and I went out to a baby shower. It was a lot of fun with TONS of kids; Isla had a blast playing and feeding chickens and wound up being a cranky, exhausted girl afterwards. (Too much fun and cake = Gut ache!) We had a visit with my mom before heading home for Norah’s nap, and then we headed to Kyle’s grandparents for dinner.

Isla feeding the chickens while Norah supervised ;)

The kids were kind enough to let us sleep in a bit and the girls presented Kyle with a Father’s Day card and present! I eventually headed out to the store to get some grocery shopping done and Kyle ventured back into the yard to finish up the project he was working on.

Norah had her birthday cake smash photo session in the afternoon, so I dropped Isla off at my mom’s so we could go do that! Norah eventually had a blast during her photo session, but it started off pretty rocky – she was apprehensive at first and that turned into full-fledged tears and hysterics. The photographer was awesome and got Norah a cup of milk and that seems to solve all her problems! Her mood changed almost instantly and she got some great shots! I don’t have any photos yet, but here’s a sneak peak of the set that the photographer took.

I just loved the set – especially the little “N!”

After the session we went back down to my mom’s and hung out until I left for slo-pitch. Apparently our first game was cancelled but I didn’t find out until I was already at the field, so I chilled in the truck until my teammates showed up for the second game.

When I got home with the girls Kyle was mowing the lawn and found a frog (or maybe a toad?), so Isla was pretty excited to see that! I got her off to bed and Norah fought sleep like you wouldn’t believe, but she eventually got there. (I think she’s starting to experience separation anxiety from me. Boo.)

Now it’s Monday and we have another busy week ahead of us! Funny how the warm, summer weather brings out the workhorse inside of us ;)

How was your weekend??

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