Today I’m 30.

I thought I would have some kind of deep, profound post all set out and ready to go for this day, but alas, I do not. All I can think about is what turning 30 means, and even then I don’t really have an answer. I really thought would feel more emotional over turning 30 – depressed, even – but when I look at everything gained over the past few years, between now and whatever the last “milestone birthday” may have been, how can I?

I got engaged to and married the love of my life. I have two amazing daughters. I have an amazingly supportive family. I have friends I can lean on regardless of how crazy or boring I may be.

There hasn’t always been gains though – there’s been losses and struggles. While I try not to dwell on them I cannot go through life not acknowledging that they happened. That’s what makes life life, after all. The tougher times keep me humble, so to speak, and make me cherish all of the good even more.

Today I don’t care that I’m 30. All that matters is that life has been pretty darn wonderful.



2 thoughts on “Thirty

  1. I’m super late commenting but I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Your 20’s were a big decade for you full of so many amazing things. Hope the next decade is just as amazing!



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