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  • There’s a lot of controversy/ruffled feathers over a proposed open pit mine that’s applying to start up just outside of Kamloops. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it but the strongest feeling I have is that I’m sick of hearing about it – Pros, Cons, whatever. Give me your sticks and lets stop beating a dead horse, mmmkay? Every “point” to be made has be reiterated so many times that it’s losing its power.
  • I was sifting through the weekly fliers and saw an ad for a “Mother’s Day Sale.” It was for vacuums. Show of hands if you’d be super pumped for a new vacuum for Mother’s Day. I sure the hell wouldn’t be. “Here you go, Mom! Now it will be easier to clean up after us!” (Unless of course, you do actually want a new vacuum. If that’s the case, it better be the fanciest vacuum available!)
  • I’ve seen a lot of SAHM’s (and some working moms) become consultants for various products, just as It Works, Jamberry, Tupperware, etc., and I’m curious to know whether or not it’s actually a viable way of bringing in an income. What are the startup fees? How much does it cost to stay active? How much do you actually earn? I’ve toyed with the idea of doing something like this, but I’ve also sworn that I wouldn’t become one of “those” people. (The fact that I’m not particularly socially outgoing doesn’t help either. Leading a party? Holy anxiety, Batman!) I don’t have anything against those who have made these ventures work for them, but I’m apprehensive of taking the plunge myself.
  • Why is it that some people take beer-league sports so seriously? It’s not the majors, you’re probably half-cut, calm yourself because it’s just a game!! That being said, it is a wonderful feeling to beat the team that insists on playing by all (and I mean ALL) the rules. Or one that gets caught trash talking about how badly they want to beat your team.
  • I would like to know why wasps are assholes. They are seriously EVERYWHERE this year; Kyle has already knocked down three nests in progress and they even seem to be avoiding the delicious traps we’ve set out. (They’ve even tried making a nest in our barbecue, to which Kyle lit their asses on FIRE.) Sure, we say they’re bad every year, but this year seems especially bad.

I guess that’s it for today! 

What random thought would you like to dump???

One thought on “Thought Dump Thursday

  1. I’ve never desperately wanted a vacuum, but I did ask for a fancy mop for Christmas a couple of years ago. It was super expensive and honestly didn’t do the job any better than a $10 mop, so yeah.

    I’ve thought about becoming a Jamberry rep, just because I love the stuff so much! It only costs about $100 to start, and I think you have to sell 600 units/year or something like that. One of my friends is a rep and she does okay with it. She makes some spending money, but it’s more of a social outlet for her than a money-making venture. I have another friend who sells Norwex and she makes a KILLING with that stuff (she sold my husband the fancy mop!). I think she makes more as a rep than she did at her previous full-time job. It’s nuts! I don’t think I’d ever become a rep either, because of the social anxiety thing!



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