TGIF v.24

The high of my week was winning a First Birthday Cake Smash photoshoot for Norah in a local online auction! I feel bad for her “Second Child Syndrome,” and Isla never had a first birthday photo session, so this will be a fun way to remember her first birthday come June next year!

Another high of the week was Kyle ordering my Christmas present for me! We’re bad at surprising one another, but I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Also, moments like this for Norah, because they rarely happen:


She usually thinks sleep is for the weak, so to have her randomly fall asleep when I thought she’d just get angry for having to hangout in her sister’s bean bag chair was a wonderful (and adorable!) surprise.

The low of my week was that I did way too much yelling at Isla while I was trying to take our Christmas photos. In retrospect, I probably should have waited for my mom to have a day off so she could help me, but I didn’t and taking those photos really pushed the limit for me. I feel guilty for yelling and I sometimes forget that Isla’s only 3.

An internet find I loved was not necessarily a find, but learning that one of my favourite bloggers is expecting and is due in May. She SO deserves this after all she’s been through this year, so I couldn’t be more excited for her!

The best money I spent was on that photoshoot for Norah. We managed to snag it for about 45% off the valued price. Woo!

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was going on a nice, long (or at least long for Isla) walk with both the girls and my mom on Wednesday. We all got some very needed fresh air and Isla had fun while her sister fell asleep in the stroller.


The song that has been stuck in my head is “Levels” by Nick Jonas. I feel like a dweeb for having a Jonas brother’s song stuck in my head, but oooooh well. I’m certain I’ll be that mom when Isla is older and embarrass her with my awesome taste in music ;)

My meals of the week were: 

  • Monday: Pork tenderloin with roasted broccoli
  • Tuesday: Tacos
  • Wednesday: Swiss steak
  • Thursday: BBQ’d chicken

My plans for the weekend are to get the Christmas lights up on Sunday. My mom is having Isla over for a sleepover Saturday night and when she brings her back on Sunday, she’s going to stick around and watch both kiddos so Kyle and I can get the lights up.

What are your plans this weekend? Are you embarrassed (but not really) by some of your music choices?

4 thoughts on “TGIF v.24

  1. That photo of Isla hiding makes me laugh! She’s a funny one. :)

    I think I’m more embarrassed that I don’t really keep up with music anymore. I’ll listen to it when I’m exercising, but more often than not, I listen to podcasts when I’m driving so I have no idea what people are talking about when it comes to what’s playing on the radio.


  2. Norah is so cute! I remember when Ellie would only sleep for 20 minutes at a time – we put her in one of those vibrating bouncy chairs and that was the only place she would sleep besides my arms. We slept in shifts at night! I listen to a lot of pop music … it’s not really “cool” but it’s good for dance parties with the kids! I just have to censor some of it :) I mean, 1989? Not exactly kid friendly. Though Topher does belt out “Bad Blood” … oops ….



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