TGIF v.21

The highs of my week were Norah sleeping 7-8 hours straight two nights in a row, having our new cable services hooked up, sushi lunch with my dad for his birthday on Monday.

The low of my week was realizing how crumby the housing market is right now. Kyle and I have been looking at houses, but there’s not much out there that fits the bill for what we’re wanting. We even put an offer on a place but the sellers were out to lunch with their counteroffer and we couldn’t make a deal happen. I don’t know if we’re just being too picky with what we want in a house, but it’s depressing. At least we’re fine in the house we’re in now.

An internet find I loved was the SipSnap. While I haven’t coughed over the dough to buy a set, I think they are a super amazing idea for little restaurant goers! While so many places offer kiddie meals, a lot of them aren’t necessarily “kid” friendly when it comes to beverages. Who gives a toddler an adult-sized cup without a lid or straw?!

image via SipSnap

The best money I spent was on pyjamas and undies for Isla. Her current ones were getting a little snug so off to Carter’s we went to pick out some new ones! She picked out some glow in the dark and princess pj’s and “Days of the week” undies. We’ll see how it goes when I try to get her to wear the correct day of the week ;)

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was not having to fight with Isla to sit in the grocery cart at Costco. Seriously. She usually rides on the back of the cart, but I had 100 things to buy and didn’t want to chase her around the store and yell at remind her to stay on the cart. In the past she’s put up a huge fight in the store when we try to get her to sit in the cart, but not this trip! I think the secret is to talk to her at home before we leave about what we’re doing and what I expect her to do.


The song that has been stuck in my head is an instrumental bit from Back to the Future III. It’s the song the band is playing during the festival and it’s been stuck in my head since last weekend. How dorky and random is that?

My favourite meal of the week was homemade mac & cheese! I’ve been craving it for a while now but haven’t been able to make it because Kyle has discovered that he has a sensitivity to cheese :( But, last night I was able to make a small batch of it for myself and it was the best thing ever. {Recipe here}


My plans for the weekend are a bank appointment today (adulting, FTW!) and that’s about it. Maybe I’ll hit up the Farmer’s Market Saturday. I haven’t been since, oh, May? I need to get my bannock fix, me thinks.

What are your weekend plans??

4 thoughts on “TGIF v.21

  1. I hear you on the housing market! We’ve been house hunting since May with no luck. We put an offer on one house that we really liked but there was another offer and they went with that one, so yeah. We’ve found a few others that were *decent* (liveable, but needed cosmetic work) but the prices were ridiculous. Now we’ve decided to wait until the new year and see what happens. Our realtor is expecting prices to drop, so our fingers are crossed! Now if only we could sell our condo …



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