TGIF v.15

The high of my week was reaching the 30 week mark in this pregnancy, having a random visit with a friend while our kids played to their heart’s content, celebrating my Mom’s birthday, watching Isla’s face light up when I remind her that it’s dance class day.

The low of my week was no lows, really, other than Isla showing some heavy signs of threenagerism. She’s full of attitude some days and it gets to be a little ridiculous at times.

An internet find I loved was not a find, but my dear friend Melissa opened up her very own Etsy shop, Scribble Bee Designs. She’s an amazingly talented artist and her shop sells custom-made watercolour family portraits, inspired by (but not limited to!) baby-wearing. You should definitely go check it out! She’s even having a giveaway right now to help launch her shop, so be sure to check out her Facebook page to enter!

The best money I spent was on the following adorable matching shirt & onesie for Isla and her Baby Sister! I actually did my first bit of shopping for Baby N yesterday and picked up a “Going home” outfit, the onesie, and a sleeper. (Isla also got the Big Sister shirt, a tunic with matching leggings, shorts, and another shirt.)


My favourite Isla moment was her telling me to “Calm my tits.” She picks up on a LOT of my vocabulary and while I haven’t said this particular phrase in quite some time, she clearly remembers me saying it. Kyle and I laughed pretty hard, especially since I wasn’t freaking out (in my eyes, at least) when she said that to me.

The song that has been stuck in my head is “I’m an Albatraoz” by AronChupa. So stinkin’ catchy!

My favourite meal of the week was the Greek salad I made on Tuesday. I chopped up the veggies smaller than usual and they tossed some orzo into it for fun. BEST DECISION EVER. Who said pregnancy cravings were bad? That being said, I did by a giant bag of candy from the grocery store’s bulk section and devoured it all by Wednesday. Now that’s bad and I’m pretty ashamed of myself.


My plans for the weekend are looking at a house on Friday, a playdate at the park on Saturday if it’s nice (fingers crossed), and the usual Sunday errands (groceries, meal planning, etc!).


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