Moments of Motherhood: On growing up in a small town

It’s no secret that I grew up in a small town. While I often longed for the opportunity to live in the city, I’m glad that my parents raised me where they did. There’s a lot a pros and cons to small town living vs. the big city, and in this week’s Moments of Motherhood column, I share my thoughts.

Here’s a snippet:

I grew up in a small town. With a population of around 1,800, it was your typical village; there were no stoplights, all is quiet after 6 p.m., and practically everyone knew your name, or at least who your parents were. It was hard to get into trouble, but I managed to do just that on a couple of occasions. Once high school graduation came and went, I up and left for the big city of Kamloops and never looked back. 

Okay, so the never looking back part may not be true. I still enjoy visiting my hometown, especially in the summer when everything is so green and growing. I don’t resent the size of the town where I grew up but when it comes to where I want to raise my own children, there’s a big Venn diagram of pros, cons and otherwise for both the city and the country. [continue reading…]



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