TGIF v.9

The high of my week was mailing away our Christmas cards, receiving the most hilarious Christmas card EVER from one of my dearest friends, having a sushi lunch date with my dad, and having a kid-free evening tonight with Kyle. We also gave Isla her chocolate advent calendar, and she was super excited for it! (Obviously, what kid isn’t excited for chocolate?) Oh, and we finalized the sale of our townhouse! Whew!


The low of my week was waking up Wednesday morning and learning that one of our local RCMP officers had been shot during a traffic stop. He was critically injured (now in stable condition at the hospital after having surgery), but when I had heard the report that he was married with two young children I started panicking a little because my neighbour is an officer and has two young boys. Thankfully, I saw him leave his house in the afternoon, and even more thankfully, the Emergency Response Team arrested the suspect late yesterday afternoon.

A blog post I loved was actually posted a couple of weeks ago, but I really enjoyed this post by Amber about putting on your perspectacles and taking a step back to look at what you have to be grateful for, especially during the holiday season when the focus is often shifted to giving and receiving. It really made me think about everything I have to be grateful for as well.

The best money I spent was $6 on a new pair of mittens from Walmart, although there were techy mittens I saw at Target for only $3.50 that I liked better, so I may have to buy those as well.

My favourite Isla moment was her waltzing into the kitchen with her footie pajamas unzipped with her feet out but her arms still in, with no undies (because she deemed them not necessary), and announcing that she is “SUPER ISLA!” and took off running through the house. It was priceless and hilarious and a little bizarre.

The song that has been stuck in my head is nothing! I haven’t been listening to a lot of music lately, except for The Voice, but nothing has been stuck in my head. I do, however, really want to start playing Christmas music, and that may just happen this weekend when I decorate the house.

My favourite meal of the week was most definitely the sushi lunch I had yesterday! I’ve had a craving for miso soup and sushi for a while now, and I finally went. Isla and I ended up meeting my dad and his girlfriend for lunch, so it was nice to catch up with them at the same time. I ordered a Bento box, and it came with all my favourite things: miso soup, California roll, sunomono, gyoza, tempura, and chicken teriyaki. Isla loved the miso soup and the California roll, and even stole an extra piece of sushi off my plate. She also liked the yam tempura and gyoza, but spit the sunomono out, haha. Of course, I forgot to take a picture, so I’ll show you my second favourite meal of the week: the bacon macaroni and cheese that I had on Wednesday.

My plans for the weekend are decorating the house for Christmas, a date night with Kyle, finding a Christmas tree (a real one, from the store), taking Isla to the kid’s Christmas party hosted by Kyle’s work, and decorating the Christmas tree. Also in the mix are the usual things, like grocery shopping and Isla’s LAST swimming lesson! (Thank goodness, I’m so over getting up early on Sunday!)

What are YOUR weekend plans? Have you decorated for the holidays yet?

3 thoughts on “TGIF v.9

  1. We got your Christmas card yesterday – Isla looked adorable, as always :) You need to come to Edmonton next year to take pictures for my Christmas cards!

    We decorated last weekend – we got a huge storm, so we figured it felt enough like Christmas to decorate a little bit early. Topher & Ellie have chocolate Advent calendars too – Ellie gets hers and then spends the rest of the day begging for more. “Mo chockit, Mama? Mo, peas?”


  2. I STILL have not decorated for Christmas. That’s just pure insanity. It’s happening tomorrow because I can’t handle a Christmas tree-less home anymore.

    Isla moments are just my favorite! She has such a fun personality!


  3. Got your Christmas card! SO CUTE! I can’t wait to have cutie little kids to include in my Christmas cards :) Though our pets are pretty cute… ;)

    Thanks for linking to my post!



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