TGIF v.7

The high of my week was taking Isla’s Christmas photos, putting together our Christmas cards, and ordering said cards! While Christmas may seem like it’s pretty far away still, I always try to get Isla’s Christmas photos done right after Halloween to account for any kind of shipping delays. I ordered the cards yesterday and they should be here in about 2 weeks! I’m super happy with the way the photos turned out too, considering that I’m no professional photographer and I just used a little bit of “Pin-spiration” for the theme. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the photos:

DSC_0048 - BW

The low of my week was learning that my uncle has lost his battle with cancer. I had received the news on Friday last week and so today I’m actually travelling down to Victoria for his memorial service. He battled colon cancer for three years and took every day from his diagnosis to his passing with the bravest and most positive face. The world is a less positive place without him, for sure.

A blog post I loved was this one on post-baby body image. I’m a firm believer that there is WAY too much pressure on women to look their best right after having a baby, and this post really hit the nail on the head.

The best money I spent was $25 on a pair of jeans for Kyle. My husband is horrible at buying himself new clothes, so when I found these Tommy Hilfiger jeans at Costco for only $25 I figured I’d buy them for him and make him try them on. If he didn’t like them, it’s Costco and I can take them back no problem! Lucky for me, he liked the fit, so I feel like I hit the lottery, lol. (Side note: I keep his pant and shirt sizes noted in my phone in case I see something he might like when I’m shopping.)

My favourite Isla moment was listening to some of the phrases she’s been coming up with. One in particular is when I ask her to do something and she responds with, “I can’t, Mommy. I’m too crazy!” I don’t even know where she gets this stuff from. Another one is when I ask her if she’s hungry (or any question that begins with, “Are you … ?”) and she’ll tell me, “No, Mommy. I’m not hungry, I’m Isla!” Sorry, kiddo, my mistake!

The song that has been stuck in my head is the intro song to one of Isla’s favourite cartoons, Paw Patrol. Mom life, I tell yah ;)

My favourite meal of the week was this beef stroganoff that I made last night for dinner. I’ve been craving it for a loooong time now and finally remembered to find an easy recipe to try out. A bonus is that Kyle really liked it too, so it’s definitely a repeat recipe!

My plans for the weekend are travelling to Vancouver Island today for my uncle’s memorial service. While it will be nice to see family, it’s unfortunate that we’re getting together under these circumstances.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Kyle and I being super cool ;)


What are you plans for the weekend? 

3 thoughts on “TGIF v.7

  1. I can’t wait to see more of your Christmas card photos, your cards were adorable last year! I have a few ideas from Pinterest to try but neither of my kids are remotely cooperative when it comes to posing for pictures, so we’ll see. If all else fails I’ll just use the family pictures we had done back in May!


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