Moments of Motherhood: On protecting a child’s innocence

Today at the Armchair Mayor News, I talk about the difficulties of explaining bad things to kids.

Here’s a snippet:

There’s a period in our children’s lives when we are capable of protecting them from nearly anything that may cause them harm. From the flu to poor fashion choices, the modern world has made it so easy that to be safe seems like a given.

Eventually there will come a time when you can no longer protect their innocence. When they go off to school they’re at risk for learning the truth about the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, or they may forget to wash their hands after sharing a just coughed-on toy.

Those examples are small compared to some of the other truths that are out there. Innocence is lost little by little every day a child grows older, but depending on how we explain things that happen throughout their lives, it can potentially make them a better person later on in life. [Continue reading …]


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