TGIF v.6

The high of my week was nothing, really. I had a pretty laid back week and didn’t get up to much. I spent my free time either playing Fallout: New Vegas on my Xbox or  watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

The low of my week was hearing the horrible news about the events that occurred Wednesday in our nation’s capital. We hear so much about shootings happening all over the world, and to have something like this happen on our own soil is so, so saddening. May we remember the soldier whose life was taken, honour the heroes who risked their lives to stop the situation from escalating, and never forget what it means to be a Canadian.

A blog post I loved was not really a blog post, but this article really hit the nail on the head when it comes to the differences between how Canadian and American news stations cover breaking news. Canada is super saturated with American broadcast stations, and it’s alarming how quickly anchors throw around and freely use the words “terror,” “attacks,” and so on. I really believe that this only brings on more fear than necessary; the media needs to report on solid facts, not speculation or hearsay.

Okay – now that I’ve had my mini-rant, back to happier things…

The best money I spent was on a fold-up potty seat for Isla. She’s really getting the hang of going pee on the potty, but won’t go in public bathrooms because she’s afraid of falling in. Enter the fold-up seat! It’s also nice because now when we go visit people I don’t have to lug around her big, green potty seat. Win for Mommy, win for Isla!

My favourite Isla moment was when I was trying to brush her hair. She sometimes HATES having her hair brushed, and this week was no exception. I told her I needed to brush her hair to make her look beautiful (kill her with kindness?) and she just cried to me, “I DON’T WANNA BE BOOTIFUL, MOMMY.” Too funny.

The song that has been stuck in my head is “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj. How awful is that?

My favourite meal of the week was the homemade pizza I made for dinner on Monday. I forgot to take a picture of it when it came out of the oven (it was THAT good), but here’s a photo of the last piece before I devoured it the next day for lunch.


My plans for the weekend are keeping with the week’s theme of being laid back. I have no plans outside of the usual goings on of our household. I’d really like to get in a trip to the pumpkin patch sometime soon, but the weather has been so crumby that it’s hard to get outside.

What are your weekend plans?

One thought on “TGIF v.6

  1. I have to be careful that Topher’s not around when I’m watching the news these days. He overheard something about Ebola so he’s on high alert (and seriously obsessive compulsive with his hand washing!) – I don’t want him to see anything about the events of Wednesday because I know he’d be scared! We’re going to a horse show on Sunday, apart from that our weekend will hopefully be pretty laid back!



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