Project 365: September 21-27

September 21: Checking out the firetruck! Isla thought it was, “So pretty!!” ♦  September 22: This is why the stereotype revolving around pit bulls needs to be squashed; Isla can put a “saddle” onto Campbell and “ride” him, and he could care less. She loves her “Camel” and he loves her right back tenfold. Okay, </rant> ♦ September 23: The stealthiest goat gets the delicious morsel! ♦ September 24: Working the top know yet again, lumberjack style. ♦ September 25: Pinterest DIY projects strike again … ♦ September 26: So this happened today and my husband is all sorts of amazing ♡ ♦ September 27: They see her rollin’, they hatin’, patrollin’, tryin’ to catch her ridin’ dirrrty…

View the whole series here

3 thoughts on “Project 365: September 21-27

  1. What a crazy goat! My kids are terrified of goats, ha ha … There’s one at the petting zoo part of the zoo that gets a little too rambunctious and actually jumps up on the kids!



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