TGIF v.1

I’m joining the TGIF ranks along with Stephany and Amber to do TGIF! I’m loving the somewhat structured wind-up post of the week. Like Stephany and Amber, I’ve also added in a couple of my own categories to those from the TGIF post creator, Cait. I don’t follow her blog at all but I may just have to now. (Thanks, Cait for starting something fun!)

The high of my week was definitely passing my insurance licensing exam! As I mentioned a while ago on the blog, I missed the passing grade the last time I wrote it by 6-stinking-percent. I really just wasn’t in the right state of mind to be writing the exam last time, so it really didn’t surprise me that I missed the mark. After rewriting it last week I felt MUCH better, and got the email on Monday stating that I passed!! My certificate will arrive in the mail in the next couple of weeks, and now it’s time for job hunting. I better bust out the iron and get those wrinkles out of my extremely ignored business attire. Ha!

The low of my week was finding out that our truck needs over $500 in repairs. Boo! I am, however, lucky enough to know a guy who owns a shop here in town and so far the service quality has been stellar.

A blog post I loved was this one by Holly at Scattered Words. It may seem like a simple date night recap post at first glance, but really, it’s so much more. I related to it so much because once you have kids, date night becomes SO much more than just being alone with your spouse.

The best money I spent was money I technically haven’t spent yet. I ordered Isla’s Halloween costume from a home-based business right here in Kamloops and couldn’t be any more excited! I’m not going to say what she’s going to be, but I will say that I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect costume and couldn’t be happier to have actually found it in town! There was one I found on Etsy but after shipping it was going to cost me over $60! (Plus I’d probably have to pay duty on delivery too – BOO.)

My favourite Isla moment was finding her and Campbell underneath my bed, hiding like a couple of partners in crime. They both KNOW they’re not supposed to be under there, but alas, that is where I constantly find them. (Isla especially, when I’m trying to get her to get motivated to do something. She thinks it’s HILARIOUS.)


My favourite meal of the week was barbecued mild Italian sausages with steamed carrots & broccoli and rice. I topped the sausages with this homemade barbecue sauce, which adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the spicy sausage! I didn’t take a photo of it, but I assure you, it looked and tasted amazing!

My plans for the weekend are getting the truck into the shop Friday morning, and then just enjoying the last long weekend of the summer! I’m looking to four days of relaxing with Kyle and Isla! There’s also no slo-pitch for me on Sunday so hopefully this darn bruise I’ve got on my wrist heals up and goes away!

What were your highs & lows of the week? Any fun plans for the long weekend?

4 thoughts on “TGIF v.1

  1. Congrats on passing your exam – that’s awesome!!! Chloe hides under our bed when she wants to get away from the kids, I’m sure they would follow her under there if they could. It’s her only safe place in the entire house!

    Thanks for sharing my post, I’m glad you liked it :)


  2. I love the new sections you created! Yay for Isla moments! :)

    The high of my week was getting a shout-out in our company-wide meeting by the CEO for some extra work I’ve been doing. That was nice! And my low was just some crappy family stuff that’s going on. I hate when family members are going through tough things! I feel so helpless.


    • Ugh, I hear you on the family stuff. Ours has been going through a lot right now too and I just feel so helpless because I can’t do anything. :( I hope it gets better for yours!


  3. Hahaha Isla and Campbell are so cute in that photo. I love how Isla is becoming this little PERSON, it’s so crazy! Hope you guys had a great long weekend. Saturday and Sunday were BUSY for us but today has been super relaxing and I’m loving it.



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