Moments of Motherhood: Mom Olympics

This week’s Moments of Motherhood column is up at the Armchair Mayor News, and I discuss how parenting isn’t a game, even though sometimes it just seems like all you do is compete. (I’ve discussed this before on the blog here.)

Here’s a snippet, and be sure to click through to Armchair Mayor News to read the rest:

It’s difficult to go through life without competing at least once or twice in a battle of “one-upmanship.” Whether you’re trying to outdo your neighbour for the greenest grass on the block or attempting to best your brother in being the better child, there’s always some kind of competition going on [continue reading …]

One thought on “Moments of Motherhood: Mom Olympics

  1. I totally used to try to teach Topher things so he would reach all of the “recommended” milestones before he had a doctor’s appointment, so I could be sure that he was keeping up with all the other babies in his age group. Crazy but true! With Ellie, I don’t even bother, lol. She’s 17 months old and only has maybe 5 words (Topher probably had 50!) but I don’t even care. She’ll talk when she talks and I’m okay with that :)



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