Weekend Update

You know how sometimes you make no special plans for a long weekend then someone end up being fairly busy but still have an amazing time? Yep, that happened this weekend!

After a hell of a weekend having our carpet installed, I was looking forward to a relatively quiet long weekend. Kyle worked overtime Sunday night and Monday night, so we were just going to relax and unwind before he went to work.

Except that he wound up going golfing Friday morning, while Isla and I went to the paint store, and then we ended up having a mini pool party at his mom’s place, visiting with his aunt & uncle, and grandma, and ordering delivery pizza for dinner. While we were there, Kyle’s aunt and uncle invited us to go stand-up paddle boarding (or “SUP,” as the cool kids call it) on Saturday, so he happily accepted their offer. (Kyle remembered that I had mentioned wanting to try it.)

So Saturday morning, Kyle, Isla, his mom, aunt & uncle, and I piled into our truck and we headed out to the nicest little lake just outside of Kamloops. It’s amazing – I didn’t even know it existed but it was packed with campers for the long weekend! Plus, it was so quiet and calm, and the water was perfect for swimming. A bonus for paddle boarding was that there was a speed restriction on the lake, so there were no crazy-fast speed boats whipping around and creating huge wakes, something that a lot of the more popular lakes in the area have way too many of.

“SUP” was so much fun!! Kyle’s aunt & uncle have inflatable boards, but you’d never guess it while you’re on them. I turned out to be a bit of a natural and absolutely loved being out on the water, paddling around. I can definitely see me owning a paddle board one of these days, for sure. Kyle’s aunt dared me to try and do a yoga pose on the board after she had mentioned that some people have good enough balance to do it, so I happily accepted the challenge. I think I did okay: ;)

August 2

Isla also had a blast hanging out on shore, digging in the dirt and splashing in the water. While she had one tiny meltdown on the way in, she is such a good little adventurer most of the time and I’m glad she had fun!


On Sunday I browsed the mall with my mom and bought NOTHING, except a shirt for Isla because she got her smoothie all over her white-striped shirt. (Oops.) It was Kyle’s first nightshift since February, so that night I ended up watching a movie by myself (Anchorman 2) after Isla went to bed.

Yesterday Isla and I headed back down to my mom’s for the day so that Kyle could sleep for his 2nd nightshift. We had grand plans of pickling beets, but changed our minds when we realized we had to process the beets and don’t have a canner. Womp womp. We ended up just hanging out, taking Isla for a little walk (or a BIG walk in her mind), raiding the garden for fresh beans & carrots, playing in the sprinkler, and “swimming” in the hot tub. Really, nothing super exciting, but a wonderful, laid-back day.

Now it’s Tuesday and life is winding back to its regular routine. While we have a couple of plans for this month, this past weekend has reminded me that we need to just step back and let life plan itself for us. July was just way too busy for me in every aspect imaginable and I want to just enjoy August as it comes at me. I think I’m off to a pretty good start. I’m thinking this month will eventually see me return to the slo-pitch field on Sundays, and on Thursday I’m headed to an outdoor yoga class, which I’m SUPER looking forward to. (I haven’t been to an actual class in over a month, and have only practised at home once. SHAME ON ME!) I just need less stress, and I think by being more carefree is going to really help me mentally.

How was your weekend? (Did you have a long weekend too?)

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. SUP looks like SO much fun! It wasn’t very hard? I keep feeling like it would be SUPER hard for me. My core isn’t very strong! I can’t believe you did yoga on a board – that is SO cool!


  2. You’re totally a natural in that yoga pose! Blow up paddle boards? I’m intrigued! I actually REALLY wanted a paddle board but they were super expensive so we got a kayak instead, which I also love.

    My friend’s parents have some property on Niskonlith lake, it is such a great little lake!


    • Kyle’s aunt and uncle got them from Costco, I think. They’re so sturdy, you’d never guess they were inflatable! (But they are super tough to inflate, it’s a workout just doing that!)


  3. That looks like so much fun! I miss the ocean. And lakes. Being so far from water is one of the things I hate about living in Edmonton! We thought about moving to Kelowna for awhile but nothing ever came of it. Maybe in a few years?

    I went to the mall with Topher on Monday and bought nothing – except for two smoothies, because he dropped the first one after one sip!



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