Project 365: June 29-July 5

June 29: Somebody turned 2 today! ♦ June 30: Knobby knees & sandy toes, but I have zero f’s to give because I’m at the beach. ♦ July 1: Celebrating Canada Day in the backyard! ♦ July 2: Isla met a goat. ♦ July 3: Splashing in Grandma’s pool! ♦  July 4: Satellite Dog gets mediocre reception. ♦ July 5: Bannock! A Farmer’s Market staple!

View the whole series here

2 thoughts on “Project 365: June 29-July 5

  1. Poor Daphne :( Chloe’s in a cone right now too – she got her tail jammed in the door. It’s not broken but she keeps licking it so the vet told us to put the cone on. Sometimes I think she’s in a cone more than she’s out of it!



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