Isla turns 2

To my sweet little girl, Isla:

DSC06079You’re 2-years-old today! How fast does time fly, as it seems like just yesterday Daddy and I were carefully (and nervously) bundling you up into your carseat for the first time every to take you home from the hospital. I remember the day clearly – it was wet and raining, but you didn’t make a single peep on the way home. You loved your first car ride and still love them to this day. 

Of course, you’re a lot more vocal now – pointing out all the things you see out the window (“COW! CAR! BIRD!”), and singing, how you love to sing! You’re a little camera shy, so it’s hard to get it on video, but you love singing along to your favourite songs on the radio. You seem to know most of the words to a few songs right now, so I thought I’d make note of them here so you can look them up when you’re old enough to read this:

1) American Authors: Best Day of My Life
2) Pharrell Williams: Happy
3) Avicii: Hey Brother
4) Lorde: Royals
5) Ed Sheeran: Sing

Those are all pretty popular songs right now, and I’m sure you’ll groan and think those songs are SOOO 2014, but you really do like singing to them!

You’re getting smarter and braver every day too. You refuse help more and more often and Daddy and I just have to let you do things your way. Your newest accomplishment is walking down the stairs by yourself; you go a little slow and Daddy or I have to watch and make sure you don’t take a stumble, but you’re getting better every day. You’ve learned to count to 10, although sometimes you leave the number 6 out, but every now and then you even count to 14! By the way things are going, you’re going to be better at math than me. 


You have mastered feeding yourself and your favourite foods would definitely be pasta and rice. You love all kinds of fruit too and even eat your vegetables. Your favourite TV show is Sesame Street and when it’s on, the world stands still. Your favourite characters are Elmo and Cookie Monster – you love to pretend to eat cookies like Cookie Monster and sing along to “Elmo’s World.” 

Of course, nothing makes me happier than seeing you hang out and spend time with Daddy. You have an amazing little bond together – watching baseball together and playing “Scare Me” – where Daddy pretends to sleep and you “scare” him awake. You give him the best bedtime hugs and kisses and I just know you’re the #1 gal in his life.

You’re the best kid ever, Missy Love, and I wouldn’t change anything about you. We’re so lucky to have you in our lives and you bring so much happiness everywhere you go. 

Happy Birthday, Isla! Mommy loves you!

5 thoughts on “Isla turns 2

  1. Happy Birthday Isla! How has two years passed already! It’s been awesome seeing her grow up through your blog and twitter. I can’t believe I still haven’t ran into you guys IRL!! We must remedy that soon :)


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