Christmas Recap

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Everything is slowly going back to “normal” in our household. The tree is coming down today and the last of the turkey in the fridge is about to be consumed. (But there’s plenty of it left in the freezer for soup making!)

This year, Kyle and I wanted to have a simple and low-key Christmas. In the past, we always ended driving here, there and everywhere, visiting family to make everything “fair.” With the exception of a spaghetti dinner with my dad on the 23rd, we decided to host a get together with everyone on Christmas Eve. My mom & stepdad, Kyle’s mom & stepdad, and his aunt & uncle came up for post-dinner drinks and snacks and it was so nice. Everyone stayed for an hour or so and Kyle and I got to have a nice quiet Christmas day with Isla!

And speaking of Isla – She got SO spoiled this year! She got two Little People play sets, a new wagon, table & chairs for her playroom, TONS of books, clothes, markers, colouring books, Playdoh, a huggable Elmo, a Magnadoodle … I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting stuff too. She’s so lucky to have so many wonderful people in her life!

As for me, Kyle got me a brand new lululemon yoga mat (called “The Mat”). I’m super excited for this mat and can’t wait to use it in the new year! He also gave me a gift certificate for a tattoo (which he gifted earlier this month so I could book my appointment ASAP) and I’m SUPER excited/nervous for my appointment on January 3. I also got a really neat maple wood box carved from hand on Vancouver Island from Kyle’s stepdad (we do a Christmas name draw), and a load of gift certificates to my favourite places from my stepbrother. And my mom gave Kyle and I a vegetable steamer, which I’m really stoked on because I’ve been nagging to Kyle that I wanted one for a while, lol.

After the presents were all opened, Kyle got the turkey all ready for the oven (yep, he cooked Christmas dinner!). It was absolutely delicious and I’m so grateful that he made dinner. (I have never cooked a turkey in my life) Isla didn’t like her turkey until I put ketchup on it. Yep, she’s going to be one ofย those kids.

Yesterday Kyle sadly had to go back to work, so Isla and I went down to my mom’s for lunch and to visit my brother.

I hope Santa spoiled you all rotten! It’s still so hard to believe that 2014 is right around the corner! Now, here’s some photos from our Christmas Day:

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