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I’ve been super busy lately with life, so I just thought I’d take a quick break to update ya’ll with what I’ve been up to:

– I’ve baked 2 pies for fun in the past couple weeks. Why? No reason, I just wanted pie! Actually, it was also a slight attempt to master my crust-making skills. The recipe needed a little bit of tweeking, and I think I have it all figured out now.

– Over the Labour Day long weekend it was super hot (for the beginning of September at least), so my mom and I took Isla to the splash park for a little picnic and a play. Isla had SO much fun playing in the water and watching the other kids. I can’t wait until next summer when she’s old enough to run through it on her own without needed to hold our hands.



– I have been working on some freelance writing work like a mad woman lately, and I’m loving it! It’s been a while since I’ve felt the pressure of a deadline, and I miss the stress of it just a tiny little bit! This month I’ve been working on about 10 stories all together. Whew!

Angela from Craving Cupcakes was recently in BC with her family houseboating, and I (kinda) joking pointed out that Kamloops was only a couple hours away from where they were. Low and behold, she and her (newly wedded) husband were coming into town to take her cousin to the airport, so we made a last-minute coffee date on Saturday! I think I started following Angela’s blog not too long after I started this one up, so it was SO nice to finally meet face-to-face. Hurray for blog-friends becoming IRL friends!

And thanks to her hubby Stephen for snapping the photo for us!

I’m more than certain that I’m leaving stuff out. I promise once I’m done all this freelance business that I’ll get back to blogging more regularly. (Hopefully!)

7 thoughts on “More stuff

  1. I always get the urge to bake pies in September – and I don’t even like to eat pie! Well, unless I’m pregnant … Nathan appreciates it, though, since he loves pie :) How do you manage 10 stories in one month with Isla? I’m working on two and I’m stressed about meeting my deadlines!


    • I cram all my interviews into Isla’s naptime, and right now Kyle has a lot of weekdays off so he’ll play with her while I interview on the phone! Then I type, type, type when she does to bed. It’s exhausting, but worth it :D



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