Listy Friday

– About a month ago I was asked to do some freelance writing and it’s just been piling on every since!  (Thus why I haven’t been kicking around the ol’ blog for the past two weeks). I’m finally done all of my assignments, and it felt great to be writing again and having that looming deadline over my head. I missed that feeling! Oh, and there’s the money that’s great too. It will really help Kyle and I’s Las Vegas fund for November!

– Earlier this week I took my very first yoga class! I have never really done yoga, other than Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown DVD, which I found to be just a little too intense for my liking. Anyway, there’s about 15 people in the class and so far, I really like it! The instructor is super laid back, and I love how she doesn’t put pressure on our poses to be perfect. My legs were killing me the next day, that’s for sure. So many unused muscles after almost two years of not doing anything!

– On Sunday I got a text from one of my old softball teammates asking me if I’d be able to go play that evening. I wasn’t able to play the first game, but I managed to get my mom to watch Isla so I could play in the second game. I loved getting out on the field again, and I’ll be going out again for the next couple weeks as well until the end of the season. (Oh, and yoga after an evening of softball is not particularily a good idea!)

– Isla is in full-blown walking mode! Unless there’s something she REALLY wants in a hurry, she just gets up and walks everywhere she pleases. It’s so unbelievable that she’s almost 15 months old now. She’s also chatting away to herself, and loves to wave to everyone from our living room window. This summer has been so amazing getting to explore with her; I can’t wait for Christmas and even next summer. It’s going to be amazing!

– Last week Kyle and I went golfing together for the first time since I was pregnant with Isla. We’ve been wanting to go all summer but either weather or other conflicting issues have prevented us from going. Finally, we were able to plan it with Kyle’s mom to watch Isla, so we went last Thursday. And, of course, after the first hole, I went to sit in the golf cart and there must’ve been a wasp on the seat that I didn’t see, because I got stung right in the leg. It hurt like hell! Ironically enough, I had just received my BzzAgent Claritin Liquid Capsule kit, so I had taken an allergy pill to fend off the pollen that may be in the air. As it turns out, I really did need an allergy pill to cut back on the swelling from my sting! The swelling didn’t get too bad, and even though it hurt for the rest of the 17 holes, I managed to finish our round of golf AND beat Kyle. Woo!

– Last weekend my mom and I went to Ashcroft to visit my grandpa and to see the memorial bench that had been installed for my grandma across the street from his house. See, they built their house right across the street from the soccer fields there, and every spring when we played soccer, my grandma could watch us play from her kitchen window. When she passed, my grandpa talked to the public works people and had a bench put on the hill above the park in her memory. It was really nice to see it finally in place, as it was something he thought of doing last summer.

– Other than freelancing, Isla, and everything else going on, I’m really happy with where I’m at in life. I feel I have a great balance of both business, through work and Isla, and “me” time. I’ve been making time to relax, such as playing ball and meeting friends for coffee. Of course, it’s wonderful to have such a great husband and family to watch Isla when I need to just have that “me” time. I really don’t know what I’d do without them!


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