{Petting} Zoo Afternoon

Earlier this week on Tuesday, a friend and I decided to cruise on down (or up, I guess) to the Westsyde Petting Zoo here in Kamloops. (Also known as the Little Farmers Petting Zoo!) Neither of us had ever been before, so in an effort to trump boredom with our husbands were away at work, we decided to give it a go!

The “zoo” is located at the Westsyde Centennial Park right by the entrance. Really, you can’t miss it! The animals are more or less unattended, so you can’t actually go in the pens and pet them, but there are a variety of $1 and $0.25 machines around their enclosures with pellets and seed that you can feed to them. (The zoo is run by volunteers, and the food machines are how it gains income.)

There’s a HUGE number of goats at the farm, and while we were there we were able to see a few cute little baby goats, as well as a couple of VERY pregnant momma goats! There are also a couple of emu’s (which reminded me of velociraptors) and tons of different exotic birds, including peacocks, “fancy” chickens, pheasants, turkeys, and geese. While it wasn’t out-of-this-world amazing, it was still fun to see all the cool birds. Will I go back? Most likely when Isla is older. I can always pack a picnic lunch and make a better day out of it for sure!

Now for some pictures: (If you’re using a reader, click through to my actual page for a better view)

If you’re looking to have a fun afternoon at a relatively low cost, definitely check out the Westsyde Petting Zoo!

2 thoughts on “{Petting} Zoo Afternoon

  1. My mom took my little cousin there last week while she was visiting! They had fun but I know they said they would have liked to have touched the animals. That said I know it is volunteer run so that’s not always a possibility!


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