Listy Friday

Oh hey! I still live here, I swear. As usual, I’d like to say I’ve been busy, but really, I haven’t. Or at least I don’t think I have been. Here’s what’s been going on in my life lately:

– Kyle and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Actually, we celebrated a day early on Monday since he had to go to work on Wednesday. We went for dinner at one of our favourite local eateries and it was SO good. He had the ribeye, I had the salmon. *drool* My mom was kind enough to take Isla for a few hours so we could relax and enjoy ourselves, so we took a walk to the place where we had our wedding ceremony after dinner just to reminisce a little. Too bad there was a homeless person sleeping on a bench there … Anyway, we also went for a drive to a new housing development in town just to see the views – which are amazing! I wish I had the cheddar to buy one of these lots and build. Here’s a panoramic shot I took with my phone:


– On our actual anniversary, we took Isla to the park where we had our wedding reception! There’s a playground and water park, and while she’s too little to play on the playground equipment or run through the water park, she did swing in the baby swings a little while Kyle and I pushed her. She liked it for the first little bit, but then I think she started to feel a little woozy, lol.

– I’ve mentioned it before on the blog that I know how to play the piano. I started played when I was little (like, 6 or 7) and stopped taking lessons in Grade 7. I didn’t take lessons long enough to be Mozart or anything like that, but I took them long enough to be able to move my fingers around the keys and make music and not just noise. Anywho – on Wednesday I finally had my piano moved into my house! (Thanks to my father’s annoying nagging for me to have it done.) It took maybe an entire 1/2 hour for the movers to move it, but I’m glad it’s done and over with. Now I’m trying to decide what exactly I want to do with it – Keep it for the future in case Isla takes interest in playing, or sell it because it’s taking up space. Decisions, decisions, I tell yah.

– After not having one for over a year, I finally got to go get a professional pedicure done! My mom got me a gift certificate for my birthday, and she had one from Christmas, so we finally went on Tuesday and got our toes prettied up! I needed it so bad – my last pedi was a week before Isla was born and my feet were so swollen that it was hard to enjoy it! I can’t for the life of me remember what the name of the polish is, or what the name of the actual colour is, but it’s a pretty coral colour:

My feet have never been happier!

– Daphne has been having a few health issues lately, which is never fun emotionally or financially. It all started back in March when she got a little sore on her back leg. I figured it was a hot spot, which usually heals up on its own, but it just started getting worse. She was due for her immunizations, so I had the vet check it out. Turns out, it was some sort of weird virus that basically was killed her skin. Yuck! So she went onto antibiotics for a while and went back for a follow-up last week because her leg still wasn’t healed up 100%. Her weight was off and her symptoms showed signs of a wonky thyroid, so the vet ordered blood work and a thyroid scan. We went back to the vet yesterday for ANOTHER follow-up and got the results of her tests, and it is confirmed that she has hyper-thyroid disease. The vet is happy to have finally figured out what’s up with Miss Daphne (he claims she’s one of his favourites), and treating her thyroid issue is super easy – Just one pill twice a day. We go back in a few weeks to make sure her meds are working properly, but it’s nice to know that Daph will start to feel better soon. No more lethargy and loss of appetite!

– Isla’s first birthday is less than a month away, and I’m starting to dive into party planning! I have no idea where to start, other than having the date and location picked out. And the cake. I’m lost! It’s not like you plan a first birthday on a regular basis!

Any ideas for a kid’s 1st birthday?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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