Listy Friday

– On Tuesday I took my car to the body shop to have the bumper removed and checked for any unseeable damage after I was rear-ended. As it turns out, my car is A-Okay! Yay! It’s a huge relief because even though the repairs wouldn’t have been on my dime, it’s nice being able to drive your own vehicle. (Even though any courtesy car would be a step up from my lil’ Focus.) Our biggest fear was that it would be a write-off and that I’d have to get a new car – Not something that’s in the plans for at least a couple more years. (Fun fact: If the damage is greater than 70% of the value of the car, ICBC considers it a write-off, and since my car isn’t worth a lot, it wouldn’t take much.) But – All is well, so no worries!

– I leave for Vancouver tomorrow for a fun, three-day trip with my mom and Isla! We’re super-pumped to be going, and I’m sure Kyle will have fun with his guy-friends doing guy things while I’m gone. Now, if only the weather would smarten up. Why, oh why, must it always be rainy in Vancouver? :(

– Dogs are expensive. Just saying.

– I always tend to put the happiest, cutest photos of Isla on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and people are always commenting on how much she smiles and how she’s always happy. Well, those are lies. She’s not always happy, and lately she thinks it’s a fun game to wake up in the middle on the night and scream bloody murder at whoever will listen. (Which is usually me.) So, I took this gem of a photo to prove that she’s not all sunshine and happiness:

It’s too bad she still looks adorable, even in her misery caused by teething.

– My birthday is in 11 days. Uggggggh.

That’s it for today. What are your plans for the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Listy Friday

  1. Isla’s still adorable, even as a rage baby :) Nobody believes Topher has a temper, either … he’s always on his best behavior when we’re around other people and saves the lying on the floor kicking and screaming tantrums for me. Such fun ….



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